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Online Video Poker

Video Poker is a great introduction to the world of Poker and has long been a favourite of gamers in both online and land based casinos. The appeal of Online Video Poker is that whilst the basics are relatively easy to pick up mastering the game requires a good deal of skill and strategy. So, unlike more purely luck based Online Casino Games like Slots or Roulette a well thought out tactical approach to Online Video Poker should improve your chances of making a profit. Online Video Poker may be an easy game to learn but it’s a difficult game to learn to play well.

The first and most obvious thing to say about Online Video Poker is that it’s a one player game so there’s no need to worry about reading your opponent or even beating an opponent’s hand, your aim is simply to get as good a hand as possible. What constitutes a good hand will vary to a degree from game to game but generally speaking a Royal Flush will be the best rewarded hand.

Even a brief perusal of the net will reveal that there’s a plethora of Video Poker variations out there; from Deuces Wild to Tens or Better to Aces and Faces, so beginners would be forgiven for feeling some trepidation when first playing Video Poker. Luckily, at River Belle gamers have the chance to sample any of the many Online Video Poker games in practice mode, which means you can try your hand at as many variations as you like before settling on one you feel comfortable with.


How to play Online Video Poker

All Online Video Poker Games have a similar way of operating and game play starts when a player places a bet of one or more credits and then clicks on the “Deal” button to draw cards. The player is then given the opportunity to keep or discard cards in exchange for new cards drawn from the same “pack”. It must be noted that players are not obliged to exchange cards, but when they do they can exchange one or more at a time. After the draw and the exchange have been completed the Online Video Poker Software evaluates the Poker Hand and offers a payout if the hand matches one of the winning hands in the games posted pay table.

Please Note: Video Poker payment tables at River Belle may differ from Video Poker Game to Video Poker Game. Please be sure to check the individual game pay tables before playing a game for the first time.   

Online Video Poker Strategies

Online Video Poker is one of a handful of skills based Online Casino Games (along with Blackjack and Poker) that can be influenced by the use of correct playing strategies. Below is a table of what to do with specific cards while playing Video Poker. This chart covers all of the basic Video Poker Strategies and will help to maximise wins while playing. Professional Players can recall this strategy out of their heads, but if you are new to the game of Video Poker please print this guide out and keep it next to your computer while playing Video Poker at River Belle.

More about Video Poker Strategies

Online Video Poker Strategies Chart:

Cards Held Discard Hand
5 0 Royal Flush
5 0 Straight Flush
4 1 4 of a Kind
4 1 4 Card Royal
5 0 Full House
5 0 Flush
3 2 3 of a Kind
5 0 Straight
4 1 4 Card Straight Flush - open both ends
4 1 Two Pairs
4 1 4 Card Straight Flush - inside draw
2 3 Pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings or Aces
3 2 3 Card Royal
4 1 4 Card Flush
4 1 Ten, Jack, Queen and King any suit
2 3 Low Pair - Two through Ten
4 1 4 Card Straight - sequential order
3 2 3 Card Straight Flush - sequential order
4 1 4 Card Straight - non sequential order
3 2 3 Card Straight Flush - non sequential order
2 3 2 Card Royal
4 1 4 Card Straight - non sequential - 3 high cards
3 2 3 High Cards - Ten through Ace
2 3 2 High Cards - Ten through Ace
1 4 1 High Card - Ten through Ace
0 5 Nothing

Progressive Online Video Poker Games

A Progressive Video Poker Machine works by offering escalating payouts for stronger hands (similar to a conventional Video Poker Machine). But, if a very rare hand, such as a royal flush, occurs then the Progressive Video Poker Jackpot is triggered and the player wins a much larger sum of money than normal.

Please Note: In a conventional Video Poker Machine with no Progressive function this payout would be as per the game pay table.  

What is a Progressive Video Poker Jackpot?

The Progressive Jackpot is a large winning Jackpot that is offered for a very good Video Poker hand. While a royal flush would normally pay quite a bit on a conventional Video Poker machine, a royal flush on a Progressive Jackpots machine will pay out thousands of dollars. The reason the Video Poker Progressive Jackpot pays out so much is because every Video Poker Machine that is linked to the Progressive Jackpot pays into the same pool. This means that a percentage of every dollar invested in every related Progressive Video Poker Machine is combined to create an enormous pool of money.

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