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Online Keno

Do you like playing Online Bingo? Do you enjoy the excitement of the Lottery? Then why not play one of the world’s oldest number games – Online Keno! 

Since the rise of the internet in the 80’s and the huge expansion of Online Casinos in the 90’s Online Keno has grown from strength to strength. In fact it is now regarded as one of the best numbers based Online Casino Games available.

Online Keno Tips

When playing a game of Keno at River Belle Online Casino these Keno Tips must kept in mind:

. The amount of coins wagered influences the payouts
. The more numbers a player picks the smaller the returns
. Number picks change the payout

Online Keno Strategies

Keno strategies are based purely on a player’s ability to choose a number or numbers on the Keno board. It must always be remembered the Keno is a game of chance and must be approached in a manner that acknowledges this fact. This is not to say Keno is not to say that keno is not a fun game to play. On the contrary in fact, Keno is one of the most exciting games on offer at JackpotCity.com Online Casino.

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