Will Smart Watch Gaming Take Off?

Smart watches are pretty impressive pieces of technology. They strap to your wrist, as would be expected, and act as extensions of your phone. Should you get a message the phone will relay the text to the watch, which displays the words without the phone ever having to be handled. It’s convenient, of that there is no question, but smart watches never really gained the popularity that was hoped for.

This may be because most ditched their normal watches right about the time smart phones were introduced, and replacing a standard watch with another, albeit fancier version, apparently didn’t hold much appeal. That’s not to say smart watches aren’t popular, they just aren’t the standard accessories for the average person that was hoped for.

But what about game playing on a smart watch? Is it even possible, and if so, is it worthwhile looking into? It turns out that there are a few casino games that can be played on smart watches. The versions of games offered are very condensed, given the tiny screen size offered by a smart watch, but the games themselves are surprisingly functional. Let’s have a closer look at casino games used on a smart watch platform.

Smart Watch Functionality

The main user interface of a smart watch is the touch screen. It operates much like a smart phone touch screen, but for the fact that a smart phone screen is perhaps less than a quarter the size of a modern smart phone screen. And don’t even compare a smart watch screen to that of a tablet, it’s very clearly a case of King Kong versus a gnat. But does the smart watch screen work, and is it convenient?

Surprisingly the answer is; yes. A smart watch screen does actually function pretty well, even if you sometimes struggle to see what the screen is displaying because your fingertip is in the way. The little screen manages to interpret pretty well what you are typing, and what you are trying to achieve. It does take a little getting used too, but it will hardly be long before you are navigating without a problem.

There are also buttons on a smart watch, the number of which depends on the watch model purchased, which act similar to the buttons on a smart phone; namely returning the user to the main menu. The combination of touch screen and buttons work well together, and provide a smooth user experience.

Smart Watch Casino Games

The limitations of the phone screen size are evident in every casino game played. A slot game displays only the symbols in play, which tick over without any indication of which symbols are above and below. This limits slot games available on a smart watch to simple, one-play line versions. The games do work perfectly well, but one can’t help but feel that the game would be a great deal better if played on a bigger screen.

Poker games show just basic, ultra simplified versions of the cards that have been dealt. Small squares displaying a card suit, and plain number or letter, are displayed. Cards are held by tapping them, and play is progressed by pressing a watch button. Again, the game works fairly well given what it is, but again it is obvious that the developers struggled to squeeze in just the bare necessities. Again, to put it bluntly, you just can’t help but feel that the poker game would have been a far better experience if played on the phone that the smart watch is linked too. Why bother with the watch at all?

In Conclusion

So yes, casino games are playable on a smart watch, and they work surprisingly well given the limitations. The user can understand what is going on, and operate the game in a satisfactory manner. But the question remains; why would a person play the casino games on their smart watch, as opposed to simply reaching for the phone and playing a far better version? The majority of smart watch compatible games work on the phone as well, and display much more detailed, aesthetically pleasing versions on the phone screen.

The only reason we can think that a person would like to play the watch version of a casino game is if they were trying to play the game covertly. And even this explanation, really, was just a bit of a joke more than anything. We liked the idea of a guy sitting in a painfully boring meeting, pretending he was adjusting the time on his watch, while really sneaking in a few spins of a slot game. In all seriousness we couldn’t think of a reason a person would rather play the game on their watch. There are watch compatible games, however, should a person want to play them, and they do work pretty well. For the rest of us the standard online poker versions will probably suffice just fine.

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