What’s Hot in Vegas In 2016?

What’s Hot in Vegas In 2016?

2016 has come and gone, and Las Vegas has been a buzzing hive of activity, as it always is. From trendy restaurants and amazing live entertainment, to the enormous skyscraper mega-casinos that the city is most well known, people having been living large in the paradise in the desert. Visitors seek a good time, and if this means spinning the roulette wheel until the early hours of the morning or just relaxing beside a swimming pool, no one is going to tell you how to enjoy yourself.

But what have been the most significant trends that have shaped Las Vegas in 2016? Vegas is a city that changes and evolves with the times constantly, adopting new entertainment trends and dropping old ones, always looking to attract interest with something curious and new. River Belle has a look at what made Las Vegas a city on the cutting edge in the year of 2016.

Culinary Delights

When it comes to food as a form of enjoyment, everyone on the planet has a vested interest. There are more interesting culinary dishes in the world than a single person could ever hope to taste, and experiencing just a few is all anyone can hope to achieve. In Vegas, however, your choices are so amazingly varied that you could go right around the world without ever having to leave your seat. From burgers and fries to pastas and seafood, there almost isn’t a dish that can’t be found somewhere in Las Vegas.

When it comes to trends many restaurants in Vegas have been going in a rather interesting direction recently, offering things that were exotic and sometimes even a little intimidating. From micro herbs and spices, to food being altered on a biological level, it was all a bit overwhelming. Many like it, as it seemed like food was evolving to some future science fiction level. Many others, however, just wanted to eat something without being told that their meal has been through some sort of process that sounded like it took place in a lab.

In 2016 many restaurants made an effort to go back to just offering good old fashioned delicious food. The focus was on organic, delicious meals that didn’t boast any amazing new technology, but sure did taste damn good.


In terms of entertainment Vegas offered the same great casino games it always has, including classics such as poker, roulette and blackjack. In terms of live entertainment, however, the focus on 2016 was on sports. The NHL made a major showing, and guests travelled from the around the country to get a front row seat of the action.

There was also much in the way of live music in 2016. Vegas may be more associated with live shows that involve crooning singers, and there probably certainly was a good amount of that sort of entertainment available, but in 2016 there were also a few big names floating around that drew people from across the globe.

  • Janet Jackson
  • Garth Brooks
  • Britney Spears (residency)
  • Celine Dion (residency)
  • The Dixie Chicks

All made appearances, and you can be sure that they lifted roofs with some rousing performances. The future is sure to hold more big names and great shows.


Most assume that hospitality is an area where there really couldn’t be much more advancement. After all, room service is room service, and a comfortable bed is a comfortable bed, isn’t it? 2016 saw many establishments in Las Vegas making an effort to be more accessible and interactive than ever before. Many establishments launched personalised phone applications that allowed guests to have constant, direct control over the hospitality experiences. Want to order some room service, but don’t feel like walking over to the room phone? Why not just do it via an application on your mobile phone?

Feel like heading down to the spa later, but aren’t sure if there is a book left? No problem, just indicate on your phone that you would like to visit, and a booking will be made for you, with confirmation sent directly to your device. It is referred to as a hospitality revolution, and it is changing the way people think about their accommodation experience. It may only be available in a few establishments at the moment, but is likely to spread to many new establishments in the coming years.

Las Vegas’ Future

Vegas evolves constantly, and the trends of the future are really unknown. The great thing about the city is, however, that you never quite know what you will get until you arrive. And that really is one of the reasons that the area stays so incredibly popular. All you can do is strap in, prepare yourself, and experience everything on offer as it washes over you. For those that can’t make it all the way to Vegas, there is always an equally entertaining experience available via the many online casino entertainment websites.

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