10 Vegan Substitutes For Your Favourite Foods

Delicious vegan foodSource: Unsplash

A vegan diet means making sacrifices in terms of diet. This may have been a primary reason you’ve decided not to make the commitment, even if it has crossed your mind. After all, you might be sitting up late one night having fun at an online casino, only to realise you sure could sink your teeth into a cheese and tomato sandwich. Except cheese isn’t allowed.

Game over, right?

Not necessarily. It turns out that there are many great vegan alternatives that mean you don’t necessarily have to give up anything. You simply have to adopt an alternative.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at 10 vegan alternative foods that substitute everyday favourite ingredients.

Cows Milk – Coconut Milk, Almond Milk

Milk is one of the first things that strike a non-vegan as a massive sacrifice. After all you use it daily, in your coffee, on your cereal, or just by the glass. But if you haven’t tried coconut or almond milk, you’re missing out. There are many non-dairy alternatives, and they happen to be delicious as well as extremely healthy. Coconut milk in particular is regarded as one of the most nutritious super-foods around.

Dairy Cheese – Vegan Cheese

We mentioned cow’s milk cheese already, and yes we can understand the attachment. But believe it or not, there are wonderful substitutes that taste great. Vegan cheese is made from nuts and vegetable oil, among other delicious ingredients. Try it; you might be surprised you haven’t given it a shot before.

Eggs – Tofu

What would life be without eggs? Why, a life with more tofu perhaps. Tofu is coagulated soymilk, pressed into blocks. Depending on preference, the blocks can be arranged into degrees of softness. The result is a highly flexible, delicious food that can be utilised in a variety of ways, and is a must in every vegan kitchen.

Honey – Maple Syrup

This one is pretty straightforward. Bee’s honey can easily be replaced by strikingly sweet maple syrup.

Meat Balls – Falafel

Love meatballs and have no clue what you might replace them with? A falafel is a dumpling made of ground chickpeas and fava beans. Add a little onion and a dipping sauce and you may not care to glance at a meatball again.

Fabulous falafelSource: Unsplash

Cream – Coconut Milk

Cream sure is yummy, but have you tried replacing it with canned coconut oil? Yes, coconut milk is back once again, and will be back one more time before the end of the list. It is nothing if not a flexible ingredient.

Butter – Coconut Oil

What did we tell you? Yes, coconut oil can be shaped into various tasty alternatives, including a butter replacement.

Chicken And Beef Beyond Meat

This is the big one, we know. Instead of real beef or chicken, you can try Beyond Meat. It is made from pea protein, canola oil, and, you might have guessed it, coconut oil. McDonalds in Canada has already started offering Beyond Meat burgers, which should give you an idea of just how tasty the result is.

Mayonnaise – Vegan Mayo

Want some mayonnaise with your burger? Certainly. Vegan mayo tastes great, and has a long list of specialised ingredients. They include canola oil, rice syrup, apple cider vinegar, soy protein, and more.

Meat – Lentils

Lastly we have the magic of lentils. Beyond Meat products can be tricky to get hold of, depending on where you live, and they can be pricey too. So instead of Beyond Meat, you can try lentils. There are a number of great recipes you can find online to help prepare lentils into delicious meat substitute meals. Good luck, give it a try, and you might be surprised at how easy the substitutions really are!

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