Uber Takes On The 2 Wheel Market

Uber enters the 2 wheel marketplaceSource: Pixabay

With a simple, extremely cost effective business model, providing an app that connects willing drivers with those who need a lift, Uber took the world by storm. Today, whenever someone is relaxing in a back seat, checking their emails or playing at an online casino instead of driving, it is thanks to one smart app, and a great idea.

But even with this massive success, Uber has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that it has diversity at its heart. The addition of Uber Eats, which allows food deliveries to be made via Uber drivers, was launched recently, and has likewise achieved an enormous amount of success. The Uber Eats service expanded to another 30 cities, which once again shows that the company has its heart set on being present in every city in the world. But where could it possibly expand to next, many were asking?

The answer to that question is electric bikes and scooters.

Short Term Travel Solution

It seems that one of the major concerns with traditional Uber services was that the option stopped being effective in major metropolitan areas. After all, it doesn’t matter if you have access to the service when roads are congested beyond being accessible. In answer to this situation the company decided to invest in electric bikes.

The first steps were to purchase a bike sharing company called Jump, which had already successfully implemented sharing schemes in a number of cities. Plus, major investments were made in the electric Scooter company Lime. But now, it seems, Uber is looking towards developing electric scooters of its own.

The move comes as no real surprise, given that electric bike sharing services seem to be the answer for a number of metropolitan areas, many of which have serious problems with congestion. Just recently it was reported that over a 1000 cities globally have adopted electric bike sharing services. In Canada alone, 7 cities have done so, with Montreal leading the charge in this regard.

But there have already been grumbles heard from some existing Uber drivers, with predictions being that the bike sharing services offered are going to seriously impact business.

Why Drive When You Can Ride?

Why call a driver when you could just jump onto an electric bike and get a little exercise while you’re at it? That’s the idea that the electric scooter and bike sharing services are based on. Plus, most important of all, it keeps vehicles off the road, helping to ease serious congestion problems. So it’s all good news?

No, it seems like many drivers are already up in arms about the situation. Uber has already openly admitted that the new services offered will almost certainly have a major impact on not only revenue for the company itself, but for many drivers who are already committed to the job. It was quick to be pointed out, however, that the losses will only be short term, with the new services sure to drive expansion in the long run. Still, drivers are not pleased about what will essentially be costing them money in the bank.

Still, with the relief of congestion being at the heart of the proposed expansions, most can agree that the new services will be excellent for metros that offer the services. Plus, it need not be mentioned that the electric scooter option will be saving commuters a small fortune, given that they cost a tiny fraction of what a traditional Uber ride would. Hopefully it won’t be long until such services are available in every city in the world, and congestion becomes a thing of the past.

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