Top 5 Poker Players Worldwide


Poker is a casino game that is based solely around the player’s individual skill. A good player will consistently win against less skilled players, and even predictably dominate in a tournament. Yes, poker does have elements of luck, but those who know how to play the game, and play it well, will still come up as winners again and again. This skill is something that other players of poker recognise, and respect, given that poker is not an easy game to master. Some, however, can proudly call themselves poker masters.

It is for this reason that especially skilled players are renowned in the casino game scene, with some even taking on celebrity status. As poker tournaments gain popularity around the world, so too do the best players in these tournaments stand apart as people of interest. It goes without saying that these skilled players have gathered a small fortune with their exceptional skills, which further raises the levels of notoriety around them. Here is a list of the top 5 most skilled poker players in the world.

1.Daniel Negreanu

Daniel Negreanu, residing in Las Vega, Nevada, is currently considered to be one of the greatest poker players in the world, if not the greatest. The man has placed first in a poker tournament a staggering total of 36 times, which is not to be taken lightly. Poker tournaments are fiercely fought, and attended by legendary poker players from around the world. To place first in even a single tournament is impressive, to do so 36 times is nothing short of astonishing.

Known in the casino scene as Kid Poker, Daniel has been playing poker since he was old enough to talk, and the man all but lives, breaths, and eats games of cards. There is no exact statement on how much money Daniel has amassed via poker tournaments, but the sum is said to be somewhere around $30 million. That’s no small chunk of change, but then the world’s greatest poker player certainly isn’t going to have a small bank balance.

2.Antonio Esfandiari

Antonio Esfandiari, also residing in Nevada, Las Vegas, may not have placed first in poker tournaments as many times as Daniel Negreanu, but is still an extremely impressive poker player. Referred to as The Magician, Antonio is renowned for having one of the most incredible poker faces in the business. So calm and collected is the man that his killer hands seem to come out of nowhere, hence the nickname. His bank balance is said to be somewhere around $25 million.

3.Daniel Coleman

Daniel Coleman doesn’t have a flashy nickname like the two players above him on this list, but what he does have is a reputation for cleaning house. Residing in Holden, USA, It is estimated that Daniel has earned somewhere in the region of $222 million in his career as a poker player, which is all but enough to make you go weak at the knees. He is said to be a living legend at Texas Hold’Em poker, and based on the amount of cash in his bank, who would be silly enough to dispute that fact?

4.Erik Seidel

Widely known as The Seiborg, Erik is another big fan of Texas Hold’Em poker. His list of first place wins in poker tournaments is nearly as impressive as that of Daniel Negreanu, and his bank balance is another staggering sight to behold. His estimated total winnings are $22 million, with the most recent occurring when he placed 7th at the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure EPT Event. This single win earned him $24,460, which isn’t too shabby for a game of poker in a tropical paradise.

5.Sam Trickett

Sam Trickett, placing number 5 on this list, breaks the tradition of all top 5 poker players being from the United States. He hails from the United Kingdom, and although 5th on this list you can be sure he knows his way around a deck of cards. A big fan of No Limit Texas Hold’Em, and often referred to by the nickname Tricky, Sam has paced 1st in 9 poker tournaments around the world. He does not have a history of making a show in the Poker World Series as those names above him, but the man has still said to have earned about $19 million via his poker playing expeditions.

Poker Playing Legends

This is our list of the top 5 poker players in the world. The list is subject to change over the years, of course, but as it stands now, we feel this is pretty accurate. And, if you read the list, saw some of the bank balances, and decided you just chose a new career path, keep in mind that these guys have earned that cash over a lifetime, and can do some mental mathematics that would make an average person’s head spin right off its shoulders. Poker is, at its core, a game about maths, after all.

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