What Do Women Really Find Attractive?

Traits women love in menSource: Pixabay

In the dark and mysterious world of the modern era, attracting a partner can be a confusing task. It seems like just about every article you read these days suggests something different, and most, if not all of it, is total nonsense. The truth is that claiming there is some definite rulebook on how to attract a partner is straight up lying. Claiming this is like claiming every online casino is the same, when clearly some are far better than others!

There are, however, a few universal concepts that are true for the broadest possible demographic. Which is to say; not many are attracted to person that has just crawled out of a gutter, clutching a half consumed bottle of cheap liquor. Conversely, they are a few things that, for example, ladies tend to find attractive in men.

Here are a few of things that ladies tend to find a turn on. Though, we won’t claim all ladies, or all men, because that would just be silly.

Chivalry Isn’t Dead

There was a time when the knights of old were chivalrous, and would help a lady over a puddle by throwing down their coat or whisking her into their arms. Though, those same knights also apparently chopped down enemies of the crown, which is far less charming, given how long somebody took to die if they weren’t stabbed with a sword properly.

Seriously, though, even in this age where women are more proud of their independence than ever before, most will respond well to chivalry. Holding open doors and other such things, are generally appreciated and considered polite.

Caring Is Sharing

You know what ladies really love? When you step over a person in distress, smirking at their misfortune. It just tickles them in all the right ways.

No, wait. It was the opposite of that. Ladies like the opposite of self-centred, stone hearted bastards who refuse to feed hungry kittens.

Friends That Care

A guy who has a social circle in which everyone gets along, hugs, and treats one another pleasantly, is always good for the image. So, sorry to say, if you and your friends greet one another with a sharp slap in face, and barrage of curses, chances are the ladies aren’t going to be swooning.

Though, if you and your friends greet one another in this fashion, chances are you aren’t really friends.

Clothes Make A Man

If you are one of those that believe you can pitch up to a date looking homeless, and rely on winning her over with your charm, we’re sorry to say this isn’t the best approach. Yes, we know that looks aren’t everything, but taking some care of your attire shows personal pride, more than anything.

So, making an effort to look good is a great idea. No, you don’t have to be the best-dressed man in your neighbourhood, who spends a fortune on clothing. Just dress well.

Dress for successSource: Pixabay

Embracing Imperfection

You know what really looks silly? A man who wears a toupee and smiles like the world hasn’t noticed. Losing your hair, getting grey hairs, or sprouting crow’s feet isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it can all look rather distinguished, if you embrace it. Rather don’t try to hide it.

Pro tip – Bruce Willis and Jason Statham went bald long ago. Try telling them they don’t look cool to their faces.

Eye Contact

This is more of a life lesson in general than a dating lesson. Looking someone in the eyes during conversation is a good idea. Seeming distracted and staring off at a bird in the distance while someone is trying to talk to you isn’t what is called good manners.

Pay attention, listen, and make eye contact. If you find that it is the lady avoiding your eyes, the date isn’t going super well. Maybe change the subject.

The Secret Of The Lower Back

Quick one; you know the small of a ladies back? You know your hand? Apparently ladies like it when one meets the other. No, not just randomly. That’s called harassment. Like when you’re walking a date to her car.

Long Fingernails Are Icky

This fits in with the well-dressed entry above.

Dressing well doesn’t mesh with poor personal hygiene. Brush your teeth, comb your hair, and tweeze your nostrils. There is no lady on earth that is attracted to poor hygiene, this we say with utmost confidence.

Offering Up Your Seat

We started with chivalry, and we’re back with chivalry. Maybe those enemies of the crown stabbers had it all figured out after all.

Something seemingly small and silly, like offering up your seat to an old lady on the bus, is a winner. If this type of behaviour isn’t in your nature, because you’ve developed a heart of pure stone, we’re sorry to say you will be dying alone. We joke. Just try be nicer, and you’ll do fine!

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