Terrible Casino Jokes

At River Belle we understand that each and every one of our valued members visits our casino for different reasons. Some people play live casino games, some play video poker, others enjoy the entertainment and excitement of themed video slots. That is why we offer the widest range of games to suit just about every player.

The one thing we do know is that everyone loves to laugh. They say that laughter is the best medicine and everyone should laugh every day. As such, we have composed a handful of terrible casino jokes that will make you cringe and smile at the same time.

I Won

A man rushes home and tells his wife that he has just won the slot jackpot. “Pack your bags honey!” he yells. His wife conjures up images of island holidays or skiing on the Alps. “Should I pack for hot or cold weather?” She asks. “I don’t care as long as you are out of here by the end of the day.”

How do you get a professional poker player off your front porch? – You pay him for the Pizza.

My father told me the quickest way to double my money was to fold it in half and put it back in my pocket.

Last Night at the Casino

Last night at the casino I had a few too many drinks. Then I decided to have a spin on the roulette wheel. The manager told me to get off after just 30 seconds.

How do you get a sweet little old lady to curse out loud? Tell another old lady to yell bingo.
A burger Van crashed into the local casino last night – There were chips everywhere.

That’s Life

Isn’t is strange that you can lose 100 dollars at a slot machine and just shrug your shoulders. But lose one dollar in a vending machine and all hell breaks loose.

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