Strange Scratch Card Superstitions

People will always be superstitious about one thing or another. This has been the case since the beginning of time, and many believe this is because it is human nature to not want to leave anything to chance. However, over the years a few interesting superstitions have emerged, and naturally have been adopted into the online casino culture, particularly when it comes to scratch cards. Take a look at a few of the strangest below.

Players Always Go To The Same Place

This superstition goes back to the days of buying scratch cards at a checkout till. Many players believe in going back to the same shop or online casino that either themselves, or another player, has previously won big at. It is thought that some of the previous luck will have transferred back onto the cards at that establishment or online casino. 

It’s All In The Numbers

The concept of lucky numbers is nothing new. In fact, this is a method adopted by most players, and is perhaps the most widely believed in superstition. However, when it comes to online scratch cards, many players take it to the next level. Instead of buying just one card at a time, they will buy their scratch cards in batches equating to their lucky numbers. Often players will also buy cards that feature images or symbols that they feel are lucky, and there are some styles of cards they will steer clear of, as they believe they are less likely to offer up a win. 

Creatures Of Habit

Again, another superstition carried over from the days of traditional scratch cards lies in the order in which players choose to peel off the top layer and reveal the numbers. While the ordering may vary based on the player, many believe that at some point their patterns, or specific way of doing things, will lead them to victory.

By nature, humans will always be a little bit superstitious. However, when it comes to popular online casino games like scratch cards, we tend to become even more so in a bid to do whatever we need to in order to secure a big win. If you have yet to give these virtual cards a go, be sure to do so soon, as you could make a pretty penny off of them!

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