Smartphones: Best of 2018

Smartphones: Best of 2018Source: 9to5Mac

We thought the invention of personal computers had radically changed the world. We weren’t wrong. But then came the Internet, followed by the cellular phone, and not long thereafter, the smartphone. Could we imagine going through life without one today? Most of us would answer with an emphatic, “No!” But what exactly makes this nifty little device so integral to our existence? And why do some consider it a blessing, and others, a curse? It’s a topic which has and continues to evoke endless debates and diverse reactions. But bottom line is that, for now at least, smartphones aren’t going anywhere.

Top 3 Smartphone Picks

Tech-savvy users will certainly have their smartphone favourites, while the rest of us are likely to be influenced by price, camera quality, usability, appearance and brand, when picking a new device. It’s with the latter in mind that we compiled a shortlist of our phone favourites for 2018 – so far:

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Sleek, sophisticated and packed with features, this model manages to improve on its popular predecessor, making it a top consumer choice. Add-ons include a Bluetooth S Pen, more internal capacity, bigger RAM, enhanced dual rear cameras, better audio and a mighty 4000 mAh battery. In turn, users will also be able to enjoy its fast wireless charging, a Super AMOLED screen, microSD storage which can be expanded on and a high level of water resistance. But take note, its quality comes at a steep price. Other Samsung products worth consideration include the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
  • Apple iPhone X. If you’re an Apple fan, you either already own this phone or are planning to get one in the near future. As the most expensive iPhone released to date, it’s a costly buy, but its unique design and state-of-the-art features make it a worthy indulgence. With no front ‘home’ button, it relies on advanced facial recognition to both unlock and utilise the Apple Pay function. Its front-facing 7-megapixel, TrueDepth camera lets you take portrait selfies, while a glass rear panel now allows for wireless charging. Furthermore, it offers a large 5.8-inch front display, OLED panel and dual rear camera setup. If the brand appeals to you but your budget won’t allow a purchase this expensive, consider acquiring the iPhone 8/8 Plus.
  • Huawei P20 Pro. On shooting power, you won’t easily match this smartphone’s unique 68-megapixel triple camera. Its significant 4000 mAh battery will keep you going for at least one jam-packed day while its 6.1-inch OLED screen is everything you’d expect it to be, and more. While the P20 has a standard Google Feed, it does offer software and settings beyond the standard Android stock. This however won’t slow the system down, but rather enhance the already user-friendly device.

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Making Us Smarter Or…?

With the Internet and social media only a quick tap away, we have access to a wealth of knowledge on our smartphones – whatever model you choose to use. They allow us to read more, find out more and learn more – that is, if we engage with our smartphones at an inquisitive level. On the flipside, for many of us, it’s an escape from reality and boredom, a quick means to access useless information to keep us entertained. Irresponsible use can also result in car crashes, overspending online, sleep deprivation, poor posture, a drop in productivity at work, potential hearing loss due to long-term earphone usage as well as other health issues like headaches, carpal tunnel and vision problems. And sadly, many smartphone users substitute online connections for real life relationships. So do we ditch them or keep them? Maybe we should just use them more responsibly, look up from our phones every now and again, and really take the time to appreciate the present.

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