Royal Revelations in Harry & Meghan’s Documentary

Prince Harry and Meghan with school childrenSource: Wikimedia

Harry and Meghan: An African Journey is a recently released documentary that details Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s journeys to South Africa and surrounds. It’s an intriguing look at a country that many are curious about, and for royalists it’s as exciting to watch as playing at an online casino Canada!

The Duchess and the Duke completed their 10-day tour of Southern Africa while being documented by Tom Bradby of ITV. The journalist and host had exclusive access to the couple throughout their entire trip, and conducted a number of interviews with them both. The documentary gives viewers a private and emotional glimpse into the private lives of the Sussex’s as they talk about intense media scrutiny, circulating rumours about royal gifts, and other challenges that they have faced over the past few months. Here is what the world’s most popular royal couple had to say to the world.

Meghan Speaks About Vicious Tabloids

Meghan opened up to Bradby and the cameras during her African trip, saying that she was naive to brush off her friends’ warnings about the UK tabloids. She says that she had no idea how relentless the attacks would be, noting that it may be difficult to understand for some, but it was a gamble that she was willing to take.

She added that when she met Harry, she was over the moon and happy with her relationship – but that her British friends warned her against it due to the British tabloids and their propensity to destroy celebrities’ lives. As for what has happened since, she thinks of it as being complicated to deal with.

Harry’s Relationship with William

In one of his interviews, Prince Harry spoke about the pressures of the jobs of members of the royal family and addressed rumours of a row between himself and his brother, Prince William. He said that things inevitably happen between family members, but assured Bradby and his viewers that he and William will always be brothers.

He did note that he and his brother are on different paths currently, but that they will always be there for each other, despite not seeing each other often due to their busy and demanding lives. As for the rumours, Harry says that the majority of them are created out of nothing. He reminded viewers that everyone has good days and bad days.

Meghan Opens Up About Motherhood

The Duchess of Sussex also spoke about the challenges of new motherhood, saying that any woman who is pregnant or has a new born is especially vulnerable. She said that there is a unique pressure to being a newlywed and a new mother at the same time, and admitted that she has been struggling to adapt to her new life at times.

Prince Harry and Meghan on tourSource: Wikimedia

Harry Remembers Princess Diana

Prince Harry spoke about the death of his mother, Princess Diana, saying that being back in a place that she loved so much has exacerbated a ‘wound that festers’. He noted that every time he sees a camera or a flash or hears a click, it takes him straight back to his childhood, serving as a grim reminder of her life.

He further added that being in Africa 22 years later trying to complete what she started has been incredibly emotional, and not always in a positive way.

Meghan Talks British Life

In another of her interviews, Meghan revealed that she has tried desperately to adopt the British sensibility of a ‘stiff upper lip’. Alas, she has only been able to try, saying that what that does to a person internally is likely very damaging. Speaking about vicious tabloid rumours and a lack of privacy, the Duchess told Bradby that she would understand the media’s scrutiny if it was in any way warranted. She acknowledged that she never expected royal life to be easy, but that she did at least expect it to be fair. The Duchess of Sussex called this part of her public life really hard to reconcile with.

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