Non-Casino Dice Games: Pirates vs Ninjas

Shiver me timbers, roll the bones! Source: Pixabay

The war between pirates and ninjas is one that has been waged for centuries! No, that’s not true at all. In fact, when you realise that this dice game uses the same player dynamics as Aliens vs Armies, it soon becomes clear that Pirates vs Ninjas is nothing short of an absurd, yet very fun-filled notion. Dice games are very often associated with mobile casino games like craps, but the world that dice inhabits is so vast, that to assume it’s mainly used in casino games would be incorrect. While a non-casino game like Pirates vs Ninjas might be fun, and it is, one thing it cannot do is bring forth the possibility of financial returns.  However, if it’s light-hearted fun and a jolly good old time you seek, then a dice game like Pirates v Ninjas is sure to suffice.

Gaming Components

Pirates Vs Ninjas once unboxed will unveil two cylindrical canisters, each one themed in artwork displaying the opposing side. The boxes serve multiple functions and thus store the dice, display the rules, are used to throw down the dice to reveal the various powers assigned to each side and can interconnect with each other for storage and transport purposes.  The rules of the game are quite easy, although for a while you will need the rule card to serve as a guide when you play and to clue you up. With increased gaming, the cards will eventually no longer be required. An exact copy of the rules can also be found on the side of the cylindrical canisters.

Playing The Game

Whether you’re reaching for your cannon or your ninja stars, you’ll soon take pleasure in the various concepts incorporated into a dice game like Pirates vs Ninjas. This is down primarily to the way the game demarcates the various ranks and powers on each side.  The fantasy elements embedded in this game alone will be enough to intrigue on-lookers before enticing them to actual game play.

Striking from the shadows ...Source: Pixabay

15 Minutes To Play & Slay!

Each gaming session is meant to last 15 minutes max, making Pirates vs Ninjas a fast-paced duel of ninja star throwing and sword-swiping destruction. Ideal for those looking to kill some time or each other figuratively, this dice game also makes sure that anyone else looking to play and challenge the winner will not have to wait very long.

Power & Rank

Shake up the canister and unveil your line-up! The landing of the dice will determine the extent of your rank, squad and equipment.  The ranking system goes from 1 to 6, with 6 being the most powerful.  It’s pirate vs ninja, cannon vs shuriken, ship vs kuji magic, sea monster vs dragon and so forth. Even though rank plays a key role, depending on how the dice have landed, you can for instance use 4 pirates to kill off a kuji monster, and it’s this element of luck and skill that really makes a game like Pirates Vs Ninjas such an exciting one.

Fast & Furious

Pirates vs Ninjas might not have the type of remuneration found in a mobile casino game like craps or other dice games of chance, but it’s fast and furious qualities make it fun for anyone willing to play.  Light on the brain yet quick on its feet, this non-casino dice game could definitely make for the perfect time out.

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