Online Slots Gamble Feature Explained

Online Slots Gamble Feature

Try to picture this. You’ve spent all night spinning the reels of your favourite online slots game with quite mediocre results, but you get it. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose – it’s all part of the game. But just as you’re about to hand it up, you hit it. Five symbols line up on a payline and all of the sudden you’re ten thousand dollars richer than you were thirty seconds ago.

But this slot you’re playing has a twist. It offers the player a tempting game of double or nothing. If the player wins, the process can sometimes be repeated. This can lead to massive payouts if the player is lucky.

Risk and Reward

The Gamble Feature on most online slots is quite a straightforward affair. The player is given the opportunity to double their money by taking a 50/50 chance. For instance, let’s go back to the scenario above.

You’ve just won ten thousand dollars in an online slot. This online slot has an optional Gamble Feature. You’re then given a choice. You can either walk away with your ten thousand dollar winning, or you can try and double it by correctly guessing the colour of a playing card that will be randomly drawn from a digital stack. Manage to pick the correct colour, and now your ten thousand dollar winnings are twenty thousand dollars. If you picked wrong, every cent is gone and you’re left with nothing. What would you do?

It might be easy to say that you’d walk away with your initial win, but the idea of doubling your cash on a single roll of the dice is quite a tempting one. Speaking of rolling the dice, the Gamble Feature isn’t always about picking the right colour card.

Gambling Feature Mechanics

Sometimes the player will be asked to roll the digital dice and guess an outcome of odd or even. Another classic type, and perhaps the most archetypal example of guessing the outcome of a 50/50 proposition, is the coin toss. Guess heads or tails for a chance to win it big.

A final example is the high or low scenario. The player is shown a card and they must guess whether the next card will be higher or low.

So what do you think? Would you be willing to risk a big win for the chance of doubling or quadrupling your money, or would you give the Gamble Feature a skip?

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