Treasures Of Lion City Slot Set For Release

Uncover gold in the Treasures of Lion CitySource: Microgaming

Beneath the dark, unforgiving oceans in the East lies a hidden temple. It is known as Lion City, or the Atlantis of East, and as anyone would guess, there is plenty of forgotten treasures to be uncovered. This is the premise for the new slot arriving at River Belle Casino. The game is set to be a mobile casino classic, with enthusiast players already salivating at the mouth to plunder the oceans for themselves.

Featuring impressive, highly detailed graphics, as well as a Rolling Reel system that rewards the adventurous, Treasures of Lion City goes live on the 10th of December 2019. The exciting new title was created in collaboration between industry legends Microgaming, and newly partnered developers Pulse 9 Studios.

An Underwater Adventure

As one would expect from a slot based around exploring undersea ruins, Treasures of Lion City has a strong focus on letting the player experience daring exploration. It is clear that enormous effort has gone into recreating a Hollywood adventure film. This includes a rousing soundtrack and excellently crafted visuals.

Each symbol suggests treasure that has been plucked from a genuine undersea discovery, including ancient treasure chests, long dead warrior’s helmets, and a mysterious vial. Of course, this gritty treasure is worth a fortune, and the player would be wise to gather as much as they possibly can.

Symbols Of Ancient Times

We already mentioned the great symbol designs, but let’s take a closer look. The high symbols are a treasure chest, an ancient helmet complete with dragon design, a blue elixir in a vial, a green gem, and a blue gem. The low value symbols are the classic Q, K, A.

A sharp eyed person will notice that there is no Scatter or Bonus symbol, which might get some alarmed. But there is a Wild symbol, and plenty of other ways to win without the need for the more traditional systems. It is the Rolling Reels and Win Meter that hold the key to big time wins.

Slot Basics

Before we get to the bonuses, let’s first take a look at the basics of the game.

Treasure of Lion City uses a 5X3 reel system. It has 25 fixed paylines with a 94.20% RTP, and is a medium volatility game with a 21.89% hit rate. The betting limits are a minimum of 0.25 coins and a maximum of 50 coins, so all budgets are catered for.

The Rolling Reels And Win Meter

The core of Treasures of Lion City is the Rolling Reels, which are combined with a Win Meter. Rolling Reels means that symbols drop from the top of the reels, filling them from bottom to top. When matching symbol combinations are achieved, the matched symbols explode and vanish, allowing new symbols to drop in and fill the empty spaces. This means that chain reaction wins are possible, granting massive payout potential.

At the top of the reels a win meter is present, and it will fill up the more chain wins are achieved. For every second chain win the meter will jump up one notch, adding a special bonus. The first meter notch turns high symbols on the reels into a wild, adding enormous winning potential.

Legendary spins for massive winsSource: Microgaming

Note that these symbols revert back to their original form, and the Win Meter is reset, after a spin is taken that has no winning combinations. The win meter has 11 notches, with the maximum bonus being a staggering 27x multiplier.

Get Ready To Explore

Treasures of Lion City goes live at River Belle Casino on the 10th of December 2019. Be there to be a part of the undersea adventures that may just make you rich enough to be an adventurer in real life.

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