The Most Ridiculous Cosmetic Surgery Requests

Botox session in your lunch time.Source: Shuttershock

As a society, we are becoming a lot more aware of how we look. Social media, especially, influences the way we view others – and, most importantly, ourselves.  Everybody wants to look good, not only in the mirror, but also in the digital mirrors of Instagram and Snapchat. Of course, a filter can work miracles, but for lasting confidence, people want real body modifications. This is why plastic surgery is more popular than ever, with the demand for procedures – and different kinds of procedures – rising every day. Plastic surgery is a gamble, though – in the casino of beauty, you can hit the jackpot or lose your looks for life.


This popular cosmetic surgery gives the bellybutton a more vertical shape –  turning an “outie” into an “innie” — and is commonly requested by women whose bellybuttons get shorter and wider after pregnancy to the point that they even stick out. It can also fix up the scars from old bellybutton piercings. Kim Kardashian made the procedure famous when she had her bellybutton restored to its youthful glory after the birth of her son Saint. However, umbilicoplasty has its risks – you can end up with a belly button even more misshapen or lopsided than the original, not to mention swelling, burning, and scars.

Eyelash and eyebrow transplant

Eyelash or eyebrow loss was once permanently disfiguring, but now eyebrows and eyelashes can be regained through a delicate and intricate micro surgical hair transplant procedure. Follicles are harvested from the scalp and transplanted into the eyelash area. A session lasts about two hours and is virtually painless. After a few days, the swelling goes down and the lashes start growing. Sounds perfect, right? Not so fast – unlike the lashes you were born with, because they come from your scalp, these new lashes will have to be trimmed! Not only that, but there is the risk of trichiasis, which is when the lashes grow the wrong way, causing ocular irritation, infection, and corneal scarring.

Plastic surgery is the norm with millenials.Source: Shuttershock


“Pokerface” plus “Botox” equals Bokerface, a cosmetic procedure that could – just possibly – make you a poker ace. The idea is that a series of Botox injections will give you a pokerface by numbing away the “tells” – the expressions that tell your opponent when you have a good or a bad hand. Most people can’t help raising an eyebrow, squinting, or furrowing their brows when they’re angry, disappointed, or happy, but Bokerface leaves you totally expressionless! The downside is that you are going to look like a serial killer. If winning at cards is more important than having friends, Bokerface is for you!


Dimpleplasty is the new plastic surgery trend that is taking the world by storm, especially among millennials. Who wouldn’t want to look like Gabrielle Union, Miranda Kerr or Harry Styles? The procedure is quick, relatively painless – general anaesthesia is not required – and it could make you look like a million dollars. The risks include new dimples that are misplaced or a little bit too … dimply – like someone took a potato peeler to your face. Pray for a skilful surgeon – a botched dimpleplasty can’t be reversed!

 Lip Lift

For fuller lips, you can go for an injection every few months, or you can opt for a lip lift – a permanent surgical procedure to increase the amount of visible pink lip for more youthful, fuller-looking lips. Performed under anaesthesia, the procedure takes less than an hour, and the scar fades and heals within a year. There is a risk of bleeding, infection, and unsightly permanent scarring, but at least you can’t get a “duck face” from too many injections!

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