Mobile Gaming Stats, Facts and Fiction

Mobile gaming is becoming more and more common around the world. As the games themselves improve in quality, their convenience and availability makes them the first choice of an increasing number of players.

The interest in mobile gaming has people drawing all sorts of conclusions and making all sorts of predictions. We thought we’d let a few key statistics and figures shed a little light on the facts and fictions currently doing the rounds.

Fact: Mobile Growth is Tops

The mobile gaming industry is currently outstripping the online industry in every measurable statistic, including worldwide shipments:

  • Smartphone shipments were 34.7 million in 2010 and are expected to reach 1,862.3 million in 2019
  • Tablets are expected to go from 19 million to 180 million over the same period
  • Desktop and laptop shipments are predicted to drop from 157 million to 102.6 million and 201 million to 170 million respectively during the same time

Fact: Mobile Popularity Increasing

If trends continue the way they are going, mobile casinos will soon get more traffic than their online counterparts will. Graphics, processing capabilities, battery life and almost everything else is improving all the time and should just keep getting better.

Mobile casinos seem to have embraced the improvements in mobile technology a lot faster than other web-based industries have:

  • Year-on-year growth at the end of 2016 showed a high growth rate for Android and iOS players in several countries. The highest growth for Android casino players was in Brazil, with a growth rate of 583%. For Apple, it was Taiwan with 271%
  • Mobile social casinos jumped in revenue from $0.8 million to $2.1 billion between 2013 and 2016, while online social casinos only went from $1.4 billion to $1.9 billion in the same time period

Considering the statistics, this might be because casino games are inherently suited to playing on the go, given that they are all quite fast to play. Even the longest casino game is much shorter than most other mobile games, and can be played in spare moments snatched throughout the day. The most popular mobile casino games are:

  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Video Poker
  • Keno
  • Scratch Cards

Fiction: It’s All About the Money

The growth in social casino revenue between 2013 and 2016, even in online casinos, is evidence enough that for many players, it’s more about the love of casino games and the feeling of winning than taking home huge cash rewards. Social casinos involve players spending their money to buy credits for the casino, and then winning credits, but not being able to cash them out for any monetary reward.

Fact: VR/AR are Mobile’s Future

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have made the break to untethered technology, and wearables in general are going to feature much more strongly in mobile experiences. As VR and AR get better and better, they offer a more immersive experience than was ever possible before – on the go.

Fiction: Online Casinos Outmoded

Rather than online technology being done away with, it’s better to look at what is happening as a reshuffling and a doing away with the hierarchy that placed mobile experiences below what was possible online. Now they are equal options, and what you decide to play will depend on where you are and what your requirements are.

The AR and VR possible when tethered to powerful online CPUs is still superior to mobile options, and at times you’ll want more games or simply a bigger screen. More possibilities than ever are open to players today, which is the most exciting fact of all.

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