Made for Mobile: iOS and Android Games

One of the biggest causes of complaint for players with Android devices is also one of the most exciting things for players with iOS devices. It is simply that most mobile games are released for iOS long before they are available for Android.

Every time an exciting new game is released, players with Android are tempted to ditch their favourite devices in favour of those produced by Apple while, at the same time, wondering why they are subjected to such long waits. The question is justified, given that Android dominates the mobile market by far.

There are several answers to the question. Find out more about them below.

Developing for iOS is Cheaper

One of the main reasons mobile games are developed for iOS before Android is because of the cost involved. It is far more cost effective for game development studios to develop for iOS.

You should keep in mind that many studios that develop games are smaller independent studios that do not always have the financial backing of larger studios; at least, not until they have proven themselves.

The number of Android app downloads is more than 60 percent higher than iOS app downloads. However, iOS apps still see a revenue more than 60 percent higher than that on Android apps.

One reason for this is that the more expensive iOS devices attract players with more money, and they have the means to pay for the mobile game apps they want. Conversely, cheaper Android devices are popular among lower socio-economic groups and in developing countries where players may have the means to buy an Android device, but not necessarily to get the apps they want.

Another reason is that the closed iOS system decreases mobile game piracy, which is not the case with Android. Many players with Android devices prefer to download pirated apps for free, rather than pay for the real deal.

Variety of Devices

Many mobile game developers also prefer developing games for iOS because it is easier to test the games. The range of iOS smartphones and tablets is much smaller compared to that of Android devices, and game apps need to be tested on practically every type of device to ensure it functions as it should.

When it comes to iOS devices, the testing phase is much shorter. What may be accomplished in days or weeks when developing for iOS may take months when developing for Android simply because there are so many devices on which to test the apps.

The good news that comes out of this is that, by the time gaming apps are released for Android devices, they usually have far fewer bugs than new apps for iOS, because many bugs were already sorted out during the iOS testing phase.

App Store are Important

App store ranking and reviews also play a role in the decision of many mobile game developers to develop for iOS first. The Apple App store is the only place where players with iOS devices can download apps for their smartphone or tablet’s operating system.

The sheer volume of traffic thereby ensures that certain apps are visible to a much wider audience.

When it comes to Android apps, they can be downloaded from several different stores. This ultimately means that the same game app may receive a lower ranking at certain apps stores, so it becomes less visible.

Developing mobile game apps for iOS certainly has positive points. However, because the majority of game apps are eventually available for Android, all players with Android devices really need is a bit of patience to be able to join in the fun.

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