Most Luxurious Hotel Suites In The World

When you go travelling, and are forced to spend a few nights in a hotel, what you want is something reasonably priced, but also something that doesn’t require you to share the room with rodents. Which is to say; you don’t want to have to spend half your night fending off rats with a chair and blowtorch. On the other hand, you might book into an $86,000 a night hotel, and put any worries about rodent roommates to rest.

What’s that we said? $86,000 a night? Surely no person on earth is silly enough to spend that on a hotel. Surely the world we live in is not one that could charge that sort of money, to allow a person to sleep in a room for a single night. Wrong, such places do exist. And if you’re wondering what could possibly justify such a price, you’ll be sad to know that we don’t have the answers. You would think for such a price you might just buy a hotel room, as opposed to sleeping in it for a single night.

Either way, these are the fanciest, and priciest, hotel rooms in the world.

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The Mark Hotel

Grand Penthouse in The Mark HotelSource: Pure Travel

Located in New York City, The Mark Hotel offers guests something they can’t find anywhere else; a hotel room so expensive that virtually no one on earth can afford it. That previously mentioned amount, $86,000? Yes, it wasn’t a made up amount. That’s how much a person can expect to pay for the Grand Penthouse in The Mark Hotel.

So, what justifies the cost, we ask again? The Grand Penthouse has five bedrooms, a grand living room, a grand piano to go in that living room, naturally, making the whole penthouse a 12,000 square foot monstrosity. Plus, there is 24 hour access to a tailor, hairstylist, and world renowned chef. Still not worth $86,000 a night, in our opinion, but then someone out there must think it is.

Hotel President Wilson

Hotel President Wilson Royal PenthouseSource: Five Star Alliance

Say you’re a multi-billionaire, and fancy a night out. Or, say you’re a multi-billionaire who has assassins on his tail, looking to snuff him out at any second. This, it seems, was the motivation behind the Royal Penthouse in the Hotel President Wilson. The place is close to 30k per night cheaper than The Mark Hotel at only $59,000 a night, but happens to have armoured doors, bulletproof windows, and a panic room. We can see how safety might be on the mind of a billionaire, but this seems excessive.

Other than the fortifications, the Royal Penthouse suite comes with twelve bedrooms, because apparently billionaires have large families, as well as expensive art, and an executive boardroom.

Laucala Island

Delana Hilltop Estate on Laucala IslandSource: Popsugar

The cheapest of the bunch, the Delana Hilltop Estate on Laucala Island costs a measly $55,000 a night. Horse feed, right? In contrast to the other locations on this list, the Delana Hilltop Estate is located in Fiji, and is surrounded by beaches, rainforests, and other extraordinarily beautiful sights. It doesn’t have armoured doors, but then perhaps assassins don’t travel as far as Fiji.

This tropical getaway, in all seriousness, does sound incredible. The place is known to be owned by the Red Bull Energy Drink founder Dietrich Mateschitz, who allows it to be rented occasionally to high rolling guests. We can’t imagine what it would be like to be a friend of the Red Bull founder, but if it involves staying at a place like this, we’d like an introduction. On the other hand, perhaps he only makes friends with people who can afford $55,000 a night on accommodation.

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