Most Incredible Survival Stories

Humans have an uncanny knack of being able to adapt to just about any environment. It is, after all, the reason that the human race has managed to drag itself out of the Stone Age, and become the dominant species of the planet. But more incredible is the human ability to survive against all odds. In some cases the survivability of humans defies all expectations, to the point of being truly remarkable.

These are some of the most incredible stories of survival of all time. When most others would have given up, these survivors refused to lie down and die. Now, imagine if we all found this level of unstoppable dedication, and applied it to our daily lives.

Aldi Novel Adilang

Aldi Novel Adilang and his rompongSource: Washington Post

Aldi Novel Adilang worked on a remote fishing hut called a rompong, which was stationed off the coast in the open ocean in the Indonesian province of North Sulawesi. The teenager spent up to 6 months at a time on his rompong, getting only 1 visit a week to resupply his cooking gas.

But, in a terrifying ordeal, the mooring rope of his rompong broke, sending him on a 49-day voyage of survival into the unexplored ocean. The food Aldi had on board lasted him only a week, after which he resorted to cooking and eating the fish he managed to pull from the ocean. But soon his cooking gas depleted, leaving him to break off and burn parts of his floating hut.

By pure chance, Aldi crossed paths with a carrier and managed to contact them via radio. He was rescued and eventually reunited with his family, having travelled over 1,500km at sea.

Robertson Family

Robertson Family Surviving the seaSource:

The Robertson family are well known for the astonishing levels of bravery they displayed, managing to survive for 38 days adrift in the ocean. The family first set out on their wooden schooner looking for adventure, but the adventure turned to survival when a group of killer whales severely damaged their boat.

The group were forced on to their 10-foot emergency dingy after the schooner was rendered unusable, and only had enough food supplies only for 6 days. Drawing on incredible perseverance, catching rainwater and hunting turtles, nearly 2 weeks were spent on the open ocean, in a 10 foot raft, until rescue finally arrived in the form of Japanese fisherman. After such an ordeal this family may well want to spend some time at online casinos, because clearly, luck is clearly on their side!

Harrison Okene

Harrison Okene’s air pocketSource: Hear Our Testimonies

Perhaps one of the most incredible survival stories of all time, Harrison Okene was trapped in a 4-foot pocket of air underwater for 3 days, when his ship sank. When divers set about attempting a salvage mission, the last thing they expected to find was survivor. But upon starting work, they were alerted to the presence of this incredibly persistent cook, who had escaped death via sheer luck, and a determination that defies belief.

Upon being handed diving gear, Okene was guided to a decompression chamber, where he had to stay for 2 full days. His pocket of air had been deep beneath the ocean, meaning that his body was required to readjust to surface levels before he was physically capable of re-joining civilisation.

Juliane Koepcke

Juliane Koepcke survives crashSource: Disciples of Flight

Another often told survival story, Juliane Koepcke was the only survivor of a plane crash in the Peruvian rain forest. Suffering a broken collarbone, but still capable of walking, she managed to make her way up a shallow stream until finding a logging camp.

The journey upstream took her 9 days, during which her injured shoulder became infested with maggots. Still, she managed to survive, and the film Wings of Hope was made about her story in 2000. Another remarkable tale of survival against all odds and yet another that proves just how amazing the human body and mind can be.

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