What Happens After Mobile Gaming?

For now, mobile gaming is the latest trend, the future, the highlight. But it will not always be that way.

Gaming has developed astronomically in the last century, from the original table-games that are still popular today, to stand-alone slot machines to online slots and video poker games, to real live interactive online gaming and, more recently, to the mobile platform.

Mobile gaming has many advantages to it, including, but not limited to, its convenience, ease-of-access, safety, and tremendous fun nature. That said, newer technologies are forever in development that will surpass mobile gaming and its many benefits. While no one can know for certain what the future holds, here are some possibilities of future gaming technologies.

Wearable Computers 

Wearable computer devices such as Google glasses are already in existence but as yet have not been refined enough to be incorporated into everyday use. This might change in the future, however, and if this technology does pick up it could see gamers play games with their mind instructions and eye coordination.

The Smart Watch

One wearable computer device that has picked up in recent years and has already become more mainstream is the smart watch.

Currently it is used to connect directly to the mobile device in order to pick up incoming messages or calls and even allows wearers to operate apps such as Uber. However, the smart watch is still connected to the mobile device and the bulk of the action still takes place on the mobile device, partly because the larger screen makes it more manageable.

Therefore, unless future developments include transmitting the smart watch screen to a secondary screen, for example, that pops up from the device or is otherwise connected to it, the smart watch display would seem too small to be well-suited to gaming entertainment.


It seems that a future where robots are real companions is not too far off, and much development has already been made in this area. While the general gist for now is that the robots will become doers, they are also forecast to step in as the device that does stuff, that is, replace the mobile device. If this were to be the case, then the robot friend humans would have could also be the one engaging in gaming technology, thus no longer leaving the gamer to play the games directly.

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