Fixes for Common Mobile Casino Glitches

Modern technology is impressive; of this, there is no doubt. The average person can transform their mobile device into a portable casino game station, doing nothing other than downloading a few small game applications. These downloaded games can be played for real money, which was an unheard of option until just recently. We truly do live in a golden age of online gambling.

This system, however, is not perfect, and there are problems experienced by some players. This is to be expected, given the nature of the technology used. Wireless data transfer is infamously unstable, and since there are so many varieties of mobile devices in existence, software can behave in unexpected ways. Don’t worry, though, as most of these problems are only minor and can be overcome with a minimum of effort.

Data Wireless Connection Failure

The most common problem experienced by those who play casino games, on mobile devices, is a break in wireless connectivity. Mobile devices rely on a wireless connection, which is, although a great deal more stable than it has been in the past, still prone to issues. Connectivity issues will manifest by the game behaving unusually, perhaps freezing or just not progressing as it should. This is because the game is waiting for information by wireless connection that is simply not arriving.

It can be frustrating when such problems occur, but do try to keep in mind that it is not the fault of the game or mobile device developers. It is simply impossible to know all the potential locations a mobile device is being used, and so impossible to compensate for every mobile signal issue that arises. After all, a large tree can cause signal problems, and how is that the fault of the developer?

If you experience such problems, try moving from your location to a more open area. Remember that mobile signals must pass through walls and ceilings if you are inside, so try moving outside. Also, keep in mind that bad weather is detrimental to mobile signal. If it is storming, you’re better off waiting until the storm passes.

Game Crashes

Another common problem is a casino game or application crashing, and returning to the mobile device main screen. A message such as ‘The application has stopped working’ is normally displayed. This means that the game is unstable, generally due to the application running out of device resources. Such problems result from developers trying to make the game work on a number of different device models. Different models have different system specifications, such as CPU speed and available RAM. If the game does not work well with the device specifications, it can crash.

In some cases removing unwanted or unused software from the device, specifically applications that run even when not in use, can solve the problem. Messaging programs, for example, constantly run on the device in order to receive messages in real time. If the program is running in this way, it is using memory that could otherwise be utilised by applications. Remove such programs, and it may help other programmes be more stable.

If the problem persists, it is best to contact the developer of the software for further help. Always remember, however, to keep your mobile device organised and free of useless software.

Transactions Failures

A third common problem, and perhaps the most testing, is transactions not completing. This happens when a money transaction is initiated in a program, and it failing or not being able to complete. A message such as ‘Transaction failed’ will be displayed.

There are a few reasons that may cause such a problem, but one of the most common being a failure in communication between the device and the game servers. The most common culprit is poor signal, as mentioned above. Try moving to an open area and initiate the transaction again.

Another common problem is the game servers being overloaded, or otherwise too busy. Computer servers can only handle so much data, and so if too many people are accessing the servers at once, that server may collapse and be unable to complete transactions. If this is the case, simply waiting a few minutes may solve the problem. It is the duty of the server operators, however, to upgrade the servers to handle more traffic.

Failed Account Login

Failing to log into an account is another common problem. If experiencing this problem, first be sure that your login details are correct. If you have forgotten the details, be sure to click the link that reads ‘Forgot my password’. A reset link will be sent to your email address, and the issue resolved quickly.

Alternatively, the problem may again be with overworked servers, and may require that you contact the customer support centre for further assistance.

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