Your February 2020 Horoscope

Astrology diceSource: Piqsels

The new year and the new decade have been thrust upon us, and we’re already hurtling headfirst into February! See what the new month has in store, and prepare yourself for the coming journeys, challenges, and celebrations.

Here are all 12 sun signs, and a peak at what the new month has up its sleeve.


It is a magical month for you, Aries, as long as you take the bull by the horns. No matter where you choose to focus; love, career, or perhaps signing up at an online casino, you are sure to exceed your own expectations and reap the rewards. Don’t miss out, you need to act fast.


Sometimes you tend to be so focused on work, Taurus, that the just rewards available elsewhere pass you by. Be sure to take a step back, re-evaluate the path you’ve chosen, and consider other, equally lucrative alternatives. Remember; sometimes the best path is the one you have yet to explore.


A special stranger may have their eye on you, Gemini, and you’ve been blind to the obvious. Consider if you have room for a new romance, and act appropriately. A fun social activity, like a favourite game, might be just the icebreaker you’re looking for.


You are finally getting over an old emotional injury, Cancer, because you now know you were justified in your previous decision. Don’t forget to take the time to allow proper healing. Take alone time, and settle in to enjoying a favoured, fun activity.


The stars say that it is a month to relax, take it easy, and enjoy yourself, Leo. You’ve been committing hard, and that effort has been paying off. But never forget that even the hardest workers need a month of rest and relaxation. Commit to a favourite game or learn a new one, and let yourself be swept up in it.


Valentine’s Day can help us see things more clearly, Virgo, and this might be the time to see an existing relationship in a new light. You may realise that a certain relationship isn’t all you hoped for, and it is time to let it pass. Recovery is best done by yourself, perhaps just enjoying a few peaceful evenings relaxing and taking stock.

Star signs chartSource: Piqsels


You have permission to indulge this month, Libra, it is in your stars. Don’t be afraid to dream big, chase the moon, and aim for the heavens. It is a special month for you, and you would be wrong to ignore the calling of aiming high and throwing caution to the wind.


You’ve been avoiding conflict, Scorpio, which has been grating on your nerves. It’s time to face that conflict, although it doesn’t have to be explosive. Invite the party in question around and break the ice with constructive conversation and a few friendly rounds of a fun activity. 


You may have to support a loved one this month, Sagittarius. But don’t worry, you’re well equipped to be a shoulder to cry on. You can ease the sadness and provide relief from the drama with a well-chosen, shared activity. The best remedy for tears is always fun.


A long stagnant situation is finally going to blossom, Capricorn, and you’ll be feeling the relief. Just remember that sometimes change can be as tricky as it is rewarding. Though, the rewards will have been well worth the effort, so don’t feel ashamed about hitting it hard.


Your long, hard fought efforts are finally going to pay off, Aquarius. At last, you are going to receive the pay offs for your commitment. Just be sure to overcome the last few obstacles and put in the last bit off effort needed. Success comes to those who push through, stay firm, and don’t give up.


It promises to be a big month for you, Pisces, as long as you have what it takes to keep in control of the situation. You are finally realising that success is a matter of making the seemingly impossible, possible. Keep on this path, stay focused, and you can be sure that the lucrative rewards you’re looking for are just around the next corner. Remember, you have to dream big in order to succeed big.

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