Crazy Facts About Craps

Crazy Facts About Craps

The dice game of craps, like many other table games, has been around for a few hundred years. Its history is a colourful one, and many superstitions have sprung up around the popular game.

Take a look at a few crazy facts about it, find out how it developed, how it was played in difficult circumstances, and then come shoot the dice with us and enjoy exciting opportunities to win real money.

Craps’ Possible Crusader Connection

The game we know and love today as craps is based on a much older game called Hazard. While the origins of that game are shrouded in history and mystery, it may have been played by crusading knights.

French gamblers may have played a role in the game’s further development. A more modern form of the game was introduced to New Orleans by Louisiana politician and gambler Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Mandeville, and was further refined by American dice manufacturer John H. Winn.

Craps During World War II

Craps was one of the games that soldiers fighting in the Second World War played to help relieve the stress of the battlefields. They played it street-style, which would usually see a wall or kerb used as a backboard.

However, as there were seldom walls and sidewalks that could be used for the purpose, soldiers improvised by using a blanket as a playing surface. The Army Blanket Roll used in craps owes its origins to these games.

Who Names a Game Craps?

It’s completely understandable that some players think craps is the most unfortunately named of all casino games because of the English meaning of the word. The reality, however, is that the game was originally known as crapaud, which is the French word for toad.

The game was originally played on the ground. Players crouched down to place bets and roll the dice. Those crouched players reminded onlookers of toads.

Patricia DeMauro’s Long Hand

Patricia DeMauro of New Jersey holds the record for length of a hand in craps. The length of a hand is the number of a player’s successive wins.

DeMauro won 154 rolls, with 25 passes among them, on 23 and 24 May 2009 at Atlantic City’s Borgata casino. She won successive rounds for four hours and 18 minutes, which was more than an hour longer than previous record holder Stanley Fujitake’s 1989 three hour and six minute hand that saw 118 rolls and 18 passes.

Craps and Superstitions

First-time craps players are known as virgins. One of the game’s superstitions is that, if a male virgin is the first to roll the dice at the table, he will bring bad luck to the game.

If, on the other hand, a female virgin is the first to roll the dice, she will bring good luck to the game.

Another superstition is that the number seven should never be mentioned by name at the table. Instead, players refer to the number as the “devil” or as “it”, because mentioning it by name will make the table’s luck change for the worse.

Playing with cold dice, that is, new dice at a table that haven’t been warmed up by several players throwing them, are considered unlucky.

Casinos have a tendency to replace the dice if a throw sees them bounce out of the table, which is in itself an unlucky move. If this happens, a player may sometimes call out “same dice”, just to keep the warm dice in the game.

Come play craps with us, where you don’t need to throw dice on blankets or worry about cold dice and other superstitions now!

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