Biggest Vegas Slots Wins

Slots games are mysterious things. They hold the key to changing a player’s life forever, and could drop that key. Additionally, they are fast, they are fun, and watching the reels spin is also the ultimate thrill. They also have the potential to payout at any time, and when they do, the jackpots can be enormous.

Lets never forget that a player only has to be there for that one spin, and that slots are games of chance. This means you could spin the reels once and walk away a winner! It’s happened to some players, as have other true tales of incredibly big wins.

For some reel spinning inspiration, lets a look at the biggest slots game jackpot wins in history, in Las Vegas.

Two Times A Winner

If you think winning a slots game jackpot once is a tall order, then how about a person who managed to win a slot game jackpot twice in their life, just a few years apart. Elmer Sherwin, a World War 2 Veteran, attended the opening of the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. And, defying enormous odds, managed to hit a jackpot just ten hours after the casino had opened its doors. Sadly for Elmer, the jackpot had not managed to amount to its biggest possible sum, since the games had only been operating a few hours. Still, the jackpot was a pretty hefty $4.2 million, so I’m sure he wasn’t complaining!

Elmer took the cash and used to travel the world, making him a 76 year old that would be getting the most out of his autumn years. But the incredible luck of this man did not end there. Astonishingly, Elmer managed to hit the same jackpot a second time, 16 years later. The odds of this occurring are so low that they barely even register as numbers. The amount; an added $21 million to the already large fortune held by this now 92 year old man. No one can accuse Elmer of being a Scrooge, however, as he decided to give most of the second jackpot away to charity.

Be Kind To Your Slot Game

Our second big winner is another senior citizen, 71-year-old Amy Nishimura. This lady was known to holiday in Vegas from her home in Hawaii, and always play the same slot game machine in the same casino. Plus, Amy was known for talking to her machine in order to encourage it to give wins. The technique must have worked, because after an hour of play, on this occasion, it finally dropped an $8.9 million jackpot. Let it never be said that a little encouragement doesn’t go a long way.

It isn’t known if Amy kept talking to slot games after that, but asking her to have a word with your is probably a very good idea. In fact, it might as well be made official that she is the worlds one and only true slot game whisperer.

One Of The Biggest

Often when people become millionaires they decide to keep their names a secret, which is probably a good idea when you happen to win an absolutely staggering $39.7 million dollars. This, as it happens, is one of the single biggest Las Vegas payouts by a slot game of all time. The person to win it is an anonymous 25 year old, who is said to have decided to play the game while he waited for the results of a basketball game. Apparently he had put a minor bet on the game, and was eager to see if he had won. Good thing he chose that particular slot game to pass the time.

After winning the incredible amount, the young man had to enter into negotiations with the casino as to how he would receive the cash. The win was so big that the casino was not capable of paying it out in one lump sum. And, as a side note, that’s when you really know you struck it rich, when you risk bankrupting an entire casino. A deal was struck that the young man would receive an annual payment of $1.5 million dollars for the following 25 years of his life. Not too shabby.

There is, sadly, no word on whether he won the basketball bet, or if he bothered to collect, if the bet was a success. Of course, he may just as well have bought the basketball team he bet on, all said and done, which would have been a great way to celebrate becoming one of the biggest winners in Las Vegas history.

Online sots games have higher payout potential than their land based counterparts, and when we look at the regularity of big wins online, and the enormous payouts, it’s easy to see why these games are favourites. You don’t need to head to Vegas to win big, you could do it from your own home, or even when on the go!

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