All About Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack is a pretty tense game by nature, and players have to make strategic decisions with every hand.

Now imagine the added stress of your performance deciding your place in a tournament, where you stand to win an enormous pot if achieving the ultimate victory. This is your average Blackjack tournament and the thrills and spills it has to offer are simply phenomenal.

Blackjack tournaments are highly popular and take part on a regular basis, with hundreds of players getting involved to experience not only the adrenalin rush of the game, but also to stand a chance at winning a sizable amount of money. So how does a Blackjack tournament work, how does one get involved, and how much do they stand to win? Lets take a look at what’s on offer online.

Blackjack Tournament Rules

The rules of a Blackjack tournament can vary from casino to casino, but all basically work by the same principle; the player with the most chips at the end of the day is the winner. At the start of the tournament each player is given a set amount of chips, and with these chips the player must make as much additional money as possible. If the player loses all their chips, they are out the game.

The more they gain, of course, the higher they will climb towards victory. In some tournaments players will be forbidden from knowing how many chips the other players have, and may not even ask them if they are doing well. In other tournaments players will have their total amount displayed at all times, giving others an idea of what they are up against and adding to the competitive feel of the game.

Rounds Tournaments

Some tournaments work in rounds, with only the highest earning players moving up between each session. In the case of a rounds-based tournament the rules may require the players keep their winnings for each round, or they may be given a set amount at the start of each round.

It all just depends on the casino and the preferred rules. If wanting to take part in a Blackjack tournament, be very sure you understand the rules and how they will affect your game. Each set of rules may require you to play with a very different strategy, and it is essential to know what that strategy is.

The Benefits of Playing

Some may say that the lure of a large jackpot payment is reason enough to want to play in a Blackjack tournament, and this may well be true, but there are other benefits to throwing oneself into the pressure cooker.

The biggest benefit is this; one learns the most in a high-pressure situation. Those who are serious about getting better at the game of Blackjack have no better opportunity at improving their game then playing in a tournament. Playing demo games is great, and certainly recommended, but when one has their money at risk, and has the opportunity to win a great deal of money, the true test of skill begins.

Of course, it certainly isn’t recommended that one play in a tournament when they feel they are not ready, as there is no benefit of throwing away money needlessly. But when at the right skill leaving and feeling confident, a tournament is the next big step to becoming a professional.

Preparing For a Tournament

So you feel you are ready for a tournament. You have upped your skill level appropriately, played countless hours against the house, and feel that winning a tournament is a real possibility. Is it time to jump in? Not just yet.

Try watching a tournament before taking part in one, so much can be learned by understanding the decisions other players make, especially those you feel have a similar skill level to your own. Understand the mistakes they make, understand why they win or lose, and understand, most of all, the strategy that they were using. Did the strategy work, or did it fail? If it worked, why did it work? If it failed, why did it fail? Take that strategy, adjust it appropriately, and make it your own. There are no plagiarism rules for Blackjack strategies, and you are not going to get far not having a strategy that works.

Take It Seriously

Brazenly leaping into a Blackjack game on a casual Sunday is all good and well. Playing haphazardly can be fun, especially if you have the potential to lose only a small amount. Tournaments, on the other hand, are to be approached seriously if you want any real chance at winning.

Get serious about it, do research, refine your strategy and then winning becomes an attainable reality. If you lose, understand why, and try again as a better, more knowledgeable, experienced player.

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