Advancements In Mobile Casino Gaming

Advancements In Mobile Casino Gaming

Smartphones are currently such an integrated part of our lives; it’s hard to imagine how we got by without them. A Few short years ago touch screens and free apps did not even exist.

A High Resolution camera on your phone was unheard of. Image recognition technology was still very much in its infancy, not to mention hyper realistic games in the palm of your hand or real money wagering in the palm of your hand were just ideals and dreams.

Quick Mobile Play Is Ideal For
Casino Fun

As engineers, designers and developers managed to transfer more powerful processors into smaller and smaller phones, a new paradigm was hit where it was realised that phones can now easily compete with computers and we actually need to make phones bigger to facilitate the phone as a true piece of multimedia equipment.

Now we have handheld devices that offer a perfect platform to facilitate a virtual casino gaming experience on the go.

Location based gaming

With the success of the location based game, Pokémon Go, developers are sure to jump on board and develop location based casino games.

Perhaps one day when you’re looking at a river with some future casino app, you just might see a virtual River Belle Steamboat roll your way for some great table gaming action.

Multiplayer Games

With Wi-Fi being readily available at many business, restaurants and public meeting places, multiplayer online gaming is sure to receive a boost in popularity.

If you think of dating apps connecting people when they are in proximity to each other, how great would a casino based app be where you can challenge people in close proximity who also have the relevant app and are also skilled in similar casino games.

The Demo Game Model

Another important advancement in mobile gaming is the unique business model of demo games. Usually you can download a free app but then later on you must pay to access certain items or levels.

This has been a great thing for new developers who want to get their software out there, but in the long run it has not really satisfied customers.

Luckily mobile casinos have essentially ignored this model and their software is completely free, with no hidden costs or limitations placed on your mobile casino experience. This has allowed a bigger audience to get on board with mobile casinos and real money wagering, like that offered at River Belle.

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