A Complete Coffee Guide

Coffee and coffee beans Source: Pixabay

Coffee is one of the most universally loved drinks on the planet. No matter who you are, where you live or where your origins lie, chances are you start your mornings with a cup of coffee, or you enjoy drinking your favourite cuppa joe while playing the new Jungle Jim and the Lost Sphinx online slot at our online mobile casino.

Who could blame you? Coffee is comforting, rich, warm, and has even shown to have significant health benefits like the ability to lower blood sugar levels and even protect the brain against dementia and age-related degeneration. It’s not surprising that nearly every corner of the planet drinks coffee in one form or another.

Speaking of forms, how much do you know about the different variations of coffee drinks available at your local cafe? Some, like the cappuccino, are firm global favourites, while others are less well known but equally delicious. If you want to brush up on your coffee expertise, read on for our guide to the many different types of coffee drinks.

The Cappuccino

Cappuccinos are probably the most popular way of consuming coffee, especially in the Western world. A cappuccino is fairly similar to another favourite, the latte, with a few key differences. The most important difference is that a cappuccino has more foam than a latte, and also traditionally has chocolate sprinkled on top of it.

A cappuccino is classically served in a cup, rather than in a tall tumbler glass like some of its counterparts. This drink is made using 1 shot of espresso and steamed milk, which is topped with 2-3cm of micro foam and, as is traditional, a sprinkling of chocolate too. Some folks even enjoy adding fresh whipped cream as a topping in place of foam.

The Americano

An Americano, also called a long black, is a simple black coffee drink that consists of 1 shot of an espresso topped off with hot water. Experts recommend making the Americano by filling a cup 2/3 full of hot water, and then adding a single shot of espresso to the water. Some drink their Americanos sweetened, but true coffee connoisseurs almost always prefer them straight.

Making coffeeSource: Pixabay

The Latte

A latte, more formally referred to as a Cafe Latte, is an espresso-based coffee drink topped with both steamed milk and micro foam. This is a much sweeter drink compared to an espresso thanks to its primary ingredient, steamed milk. Lattes are made by adding 1 shot of espresso, steamed milk, and 1cm of micro foam to a tumbler glass. If you are in the US, however, you are more likely to find this drink served in a classic coffee cup.

The Mocha

A mocha is a delightful cross between a hot chocolate and a cappuccino. It is made by mixing chocolate powder with a single espresso shot, and then adding steamed milk and micro foam (if preferred) on top of the beverage. This is most commonly served in a large cup, and many cafes will add in a biscuit or a grating of chocolate for added sweetness!

The Macchiato

The macchiato comes in 2 variations: short and long. The difference is simply that a short macchiato contains 1 shot of espresso, while a long contains 2 shots. Macchiatos are very similar to espressos, only with a small amount of foam and steamed milk added to soften the strong taste. This drink is made differently in different parts of the world, but the most well known way to prepare it is to add 1 espresso shot and a dollop of steamed milk and foam into an espresso cup or a short tumbler. Remember – aim for one-third coffee, one-third milk and one-third foam for a perfect result.

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