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Online Slots Strategies

Online Slots Games have long been a source of casino entertainment and at River Belle Online Casino this is certainly not the exception to the rule. Because of this, many Slots Strategies have appeared over the years, as-well-as a few Slots Myths. Understanding the difference between actual Slots Strategies and Slots Myths allows players to play, enjoy and win at the Online Slots Games of their choice.

The Best Online Slots Strategies

When thinking Slots Strategies (both off and online slots), always remember that simple common sense is best. There is nothing complicated about playing Online Slots and as such good Slots Strategies should reflect this. Below is a list of some of the best Online Slots Strategies available:

Choose an Online Slots Game that best suits you!

Choosing the Best Online Slots Game for you is not as simple as picking a game that you know you will enjoy (although this is important). Also pick an Online Slots Game that is good for your pocket! By this we mean play a game that best suits your bankroll.

If you don’t have much to spend then play an Online Slots game that offers smaller betting amounts. River Belle’s Classic Slots games are a good place to start. However, if you feel you can afford to spend a little more then try any of our top Progressive Slots Games. To hit that life changing jackpot win the maximum amount of coins needs to be wagered. Although this can be extremely lucrative if the progressive jackpot is won, it can take some time (and money) before a huge jackpot win occurs. Only players who can afford to bet the maximum amount should use this as a progressive betting strategy.

Budget your Online Slots Bankroll

Decide beforehand how much you have to wager in the casino and stick to that amount. Never bet more than what you can afford and never chase a loss. If you ever feel that you have wagered too much in the casino then take a break from playing.

Understand the concept of pay lines

This is a VERY important part of any Slots Strategy. Remember that in a 25 pay line Slots Game it is not enough to play max coins. If you play max coins on only one pay line out of 25, you will not win a large payouts or (if you are playing a Progressive Slots Game) the progressive jackpot. In order to hit the biggest possible payouts players must play the max coins and max pay lines.

Please Note!This strategy takes more wagering and can cost a lot more, so please keep an eye on your casino budget.

Online Slots Myths

It’s been said that “for every single Slots Strategy there are at least 10 Slots Myths”, but unfortunately many players still believe that these Slots Myths are true. This affects the way that they use and interpret the correct Slots Strategies. Below is a list of Online Slots Myths that we feel need to be debunked, because they can have an effect on one’s game.

Sloths Myth 1 – Slots Machine Payouts can be predicted

This is pure myth! Online Slots Machines uses a computer microchip, called a random number generator, which generates over several billion combinations the moment a player clicks on the spin button. The pay line combinations that appear on the screen are 100% random. In other words, Online Slots are luck based betting games.

Slots Myth 2 – Online Slots Games can be rigged

Another common slot myth is that the casinos are somehow rigging their machines to pay out at particular times and that the payout rate is higher during weekends and/or high traffic periods. Online slots and casinos however are carefully regulated and audited, often by independent companies, and must ensure fair play. With the online casino business so fiercely competitive, it's simply not in the interests of operators to cheat players and not run their businesses professionally.

Slots Myth 3 – Some Online Slots Machines are “loose”

If a machine has paid out on a number of occasions over a very short period of time, players sometimes view this Slots Games as “loose”. This however is pure Slots Myth, because the random number generator simply comes up with a combination that has just as good a chance of being a winning combination as it does a losing one.

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