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Online Craps

It’s time to roll those lucky dice, and head to the loudest table in the casino and play Online Craps!

Craps is an Online Casino dice game. Its origins are difficult to pinpoint due to the popularity of dice games throughout the ages, but it is believed that it could date to as far back as the Crusades. The modern American game may seem intimidating to the beginner, due to the complexity of the gaming board. However, Craps is actually quite a simple game to learn, with the board only reflecting the variations of bet that can be cast.

Why play Online Craps?

It must be noted that since the introduction of Online Craps the game itself has become even more popular than before. This is because it’s now not only more accessible to players, but it still contains all the fast paced action and excitement that players have come to expect from land based craps tables. It also has the unexpected bonus of having no distractions such as the jostling of spectators or waitresses trying to serve you drinks. This allows you to concentrate on your Craps game and utilise some of your Craps strategies correctly.

How to play Online Craps

The basic objective of Online Craps is to gamble on whether the dice roll will result in a win or loss. Because Online Craps is built almost purely on chance, it’s easy to get to grips with straight away. For the absolute beginner it’s best to learn Online Craps through our simple basic rules, and then have a go on one of River Belle Online Casino’s Craps practice tables. After you think you’ve mastered the rules and you’re feeling confident enough, sign up to a real money account and then head to one of our gaming boards where you can play Internet Craps for real money.

Online Craps Strategies

Online Craps is a game of chance and as such it is difficult to create effective Craps strategies. However, this being said, there is still a probability of certain dice rolls being made during an Online Craps game. Below is a probability table with the predicted Online Craps dice outcome:

Online Craps Tips

Online Craps is one of the few games that offer players a distinct difference between “Good” Craps Bets and “Bad” Craps Bets. By simply adhering to the “Good” bets as listed below and avoiding the “Bad” bets players are sure to have a more profitable time at the Online Craps tables.

“Good” Online Craps Bets:
  • A Pass Line Bet - The house edge is only 1.41%
  • A Don't Pass Bet - The house edge is only 1.40%
  • A Come Bet - The house edge is only 1.41%
  • A Don't Come Bet - The house edge is only 1.40%
“Bad” Online Craps Bets:
  • The Field Bet – The House edge is 5.6%
  • A Big 6 or Big 8 Bet – The House edge is 9.1%
  • Hard Bets – The House edge is 12.5%
  • The Craps 2 or Craps 12 Bet – The House edge is 13.9%
  • The Any 7 Bet: 1The House edge is 6.7%

Our TOP Online Craps Game

Welcome to the world of Vegas Craps! It's one of the most exciting and dynamic Online Casino Games available.

Vegas Craps captures all the thrills of a fast-moving game with a full range of bets from €/$1.00 and very attractive odds. With Vegas Craps the Field bet pays double on a 2 and triple on a 12. Buy and Lay bets pay true odds less a 5 percent commission on winnings only. And the player can take 3x odds on the Pass Line, Don't Pass Line, Come and Don't Come bets.

Playing Vegas Craps can be a rewarding as well as thrilling experience, with a maximum jackpot of 3 100.00 possible on betting position 2/13. So why not download your FREE Online Casino Software and start playing Online Vegas Craps today.

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