Why Live Dealer Casino Games Are So Popular

Live dealer games are considered by many players to be the way of the future for online casinos. It is the culmination of the convenience of online casinos combined with that most important element of all, human interaction. It is not to say that live dealer casinos will replace regular online casinos.

They are certainly, however, opening up a whole new audience to the online casino experience while at the same time providing even more fun and immersion to current online casino players.

What Is A Live Dealer Game

A live dealer game consists most often of a studio equipped with a webcam. You will have a professional dealer who can also facilitate roulette and other table games.

He or she acts as host and will deal cards, place and collect bets and perform any other duties that are required of him or her. Players who are members at an online casino can sign in and join a dealer’s game, live.

The Differences Compared To Regular Casino Games

Other than playing a real table game with a real dealer, there are a few other differences between live dealer games and regular online casino games. Firstly many players may be caught off guard by the higher table limits.

There are no penny bets in live dealer games. Many tables will set the starting minimum as high as 5 per hand. Of course this means that the eventual payouts will be higher, but novice players may be a bit unprepared for such high stakes games.

Secondly, live dealers operate at fixed hours so you won’t have the full 24 hour access to these games that you have with regular casino games. This however does add more to the atmosphere of the event. You won’t take live dealer games for granted and set times do seem to make games more exciting.

The Social Aspect Of Live Dealer Games

So to answer our original question: Why are live dealer games so popular? From what we have discussed it’s clear that the social aspect of live dealer games really is the main driving force behind its rising popularity.

Players have more fun with real players and they also seem to trust live dealers more as you can see the cards or roulette wheel physically in front of you, you don’t have to trust software algorithms to ensure a fair game. This is why live dealers are here to stay and will only grow in popularity.

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