What Your Handwriting Says About Your Personality

Handwriting analysisSource: Pixabay

You might be one of those people who are afraid that Google is farming your browser history for details about your personality. A valid concern perhaps, but did you ever stop to think what would happen if Google got their hands on a sample of your handwriting? Yes, it turns out that the way you put pen to paper is a veritable treasure trove for stealing information about your personality.

Nonsense, we hear you say, that’s all so much pseudoscience and fantasy. Is it really now? It just so happens that graphology is the science of analysing handwriting. It has been around since the days of Aristotle, which means it has had plenty of time to evolve and be perfected. In fact, some companies make hiring decisions based around handwriting analysis, which means that you may just pass your next job interview based on how you curve the letter S!

The Science Of Handwriting

In all seriousness, there is some stock put into handwriting revealing insights into a subject’s personality. Though it is of course not a fool proof way to reveal every detail of a subject, and is not bordering on mystical, as some television shows might have you believe. It could not be gleaned if the person prefers tea to coffee, or would rather play online Roulette than Monopoly, but it might surmise if the subject is introverted or extroverted.

Kathi McKnight, who has a name that absolutely belongs in a detective television show, is a real world master graphologist, and had much to say on the subject. According to her, simply studying a sample of handwriting can reveal around 5,000 personality traits. She is quick to admit that proper analysis is complicated, and far more involved than simply applying broad interpretations to individual observations.

So, the below should be applied with a pinch of salt to your own handwriting. A proper analysis would be a great deal more in depth.

Large And Small Letters

Large letters can sometimes be associated with a personality type that wishes to be noticed and understood. Smaller letters suggest a personality type that has strong focus, good concentration, and is perhaps introverted.

Letter Slant

Handwriting with no slant suggests a mind ruled by logic over emotion, as well as a very pragmatic individual. Right slanting letters suggest a friendly, sentimental and impulsive subject, who has a strong focus on friends and family. Meanwhile, left slanting letters can suggest an individual who prefers working alone with objects, as opposed to colleagues. Left slanting letters also hint at introspection and reservation.


The amount of pressure used when writing is also revealing, and in somewhat predictable ways. Those who use more pressure sometimes have strong emotions, and sometimes react quickly when provoked. Light pressure suggests a subject who can easily move from one situation to another, while likewise being emotionally reserved.

Upper Loops

A clear upper loop, as would be in the letter h, suggests big hopes and ambitions for the future. A less defined loop implies the opposite; that dreams have been left behind for a more pragmatic approach to life.

Lower Loops

Lower loops, as would be used in the letter y, are equally as revealing. A thin, controlled loop hints at a personality that is selective about having close friends, in a large social circle. A broader loop suggests the opposite. A long loop is the work of globetrotting traveller, and a short loop once again the opposite.

So what did you learn about yourself or those closest to you? Remember though; this is just a basic overview of the much more complicated discipline of graphology.

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