Weird Ways People Met & Fell In Love

Weird love storiesSource: Pixabay

Is there anything as precious as a couple explaining how they met? A story that, normally, involves long, drawn out descriptions of perfect dates, time spent under starry night skies and plenty of references to how much like various romantic comedies it was.

Don’t you just hate those people? Their stories are boring, lacking very seriously in the entertainment department. We’ve all heard the tale a million times, and frankly, most of us are just too polite to tell them to shut up. Since, after all, many of us aren’t lucky enough to live in a romantic comedy and instead have experienced awkward dates, badly thought out romantic engagements, and have been shot at by the father of at least one potential suitor.

Give us instead the romance stories that played out in the real world, not those written by the Disney Romance Department. With that being said, here are some fun stories about how normal folks met in weird places, fell in love, and got married…

Making Memories In the Morgue

The first on the list is the story of 2 medical students who caught one another’s eye over a dead body. Isn’t that romantic? The students were assessing cadavers, and although they may have been in the morgue, they certainly got that warm fuzzy feeling that eventually resulted in a trip down the aisle. However not everyone finds the morgue a romantic place for a date, so be warned!

Psych Ward Surprise

If you imagined that you would have to meet your true love at a romantic location, perhaps on a beautiful island or maybe at a glitzy party, you’re forgetting what love is supposed to be all about. Mainly that it doesn’t follow the rules!

A couple reported that while both in deep depression, they met at a support group in a psychiatric ward. They were discharged the same day, and have been married for two years. See? If they had been waiting for pretty scenery they would have missed out. Turns out institutional beige walls and straight jackets may just line the path to true love after all.

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Fair Maidens at the Medieval Fair

One thing about meeting at a Renaissance fair is that, of course, everyone has to stay in character. So when this couple met it was while doing some very bad impersonations of medieval dialect. The lady in question says that she was extremely reluctant to go to the fair at all, given that it wasn’t her cup of tea. But, upon meeting the ‘king’ of the fair, there was an attraction. Her royal obsession paid off, and the couple were wed a few years later. I wonder if they had a themed wedding?

Austin Powers Really IS Shagadelic, baby

This couple met at a place of work where they both shared a hatred for their boss. But it was not a mutual boss loathing that sealed the deal; it was also a shared love of Austin Powers movies. One day, during a conversation about how much they hated their boss they somehow both broke into ‘Daddy wasn’t there,’ the song from Austin Powers Goldmember. Romantic? You better believe it.

Next time you think you’re looking for love in all the wrong places, remember these tales – there is hope for everyone, everywhere!

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