The Unstoppable Dominance of eSports

It would be unwise for online casinos not to take heed of the undeniable popularity of eSports. How exactly this rise in the popularity of professional computer, gaming will affect the industry remains to be seen – however, in the ever-changing landscape of the gaming world, those who do not alter the way they do things are left behind.

The Numbers Speak Truth to Power

Professional computer gaming has taken the world by storm, and the eSports industry can no longer be ignored. The numbers that eSports boast with proves this statement, as market researcher Newzoo valued the eSports industry at $493 million in late 2016, with an expected growth to $1.1 billion by 2019. The latest League of Legends finale had a reported 36 million daily views across the world, and was worth $6.3 million in prize money. If that isn’t enough to convince you, perhaps the fact that viewership has grown by 100 per cent in the last few years will.

Blizzard, the company behind Overwatch, recently stated that 25 million people play their team-based shooter globally, which is incredible considering that the game debuted just short of a year ago. While Riot Games, Blizzard and Valve are dominating a massive market share with their team-based games League of Legends, Overwatch and Dota2, many companies are looking into getting a piece for themselves as well. This is excellent news for eSports fanatics, as competition increases the rate of development in the gaming industry.

A Different Kind of Player

Simply put, it would be incredibly unwise for the online gambling industry not to consider eSports as a threat to the online casino industry, but online casinos do have an Ace in their pockets because they are catering to potentially different markets. It’s not to say that players who enjoy eSports don’t also enjoy online casino games, but doing a direct comparison of these 2 aspects of the gaming industry is a bit like comparing apples to oranges.

While we love eSports for the teamwork that it fosters, it requires thousands of hours of practise to be good enough to compete on a professional level, and just being accepted to the tournament is only one part of the battle. Players still have to beat every other team that is just as good, if not better, before they may be crowned the millionaire champions!

eSports betting is also something that has grown in popularity, and this appeals to sports bettors too, as well as those who enjoy the cross over between online gaming and betting. eSports has managed to infiltrate a large number of areas of players’ and punters’ lives, and it offers something to both sides of the spectrum; those who like playing and those who like betting. But, unlike casino games – where the result is determined at the end of the spin of a Roulette wheel of hand of Video poker – eSports betting results are only determined in real time, so again, there is a difference in the marketplace.

Relevance in a Changing World

This is good news for online casinos that offer a wide variety of games, which do not require hours of painstaking dedication to master – in fact, many games do not require any skill at all. If you’ve ever played a first-person shooter PC game, you will be well aware of how much practice is required to become a worthy opponent, as team-based games require players to be almost entirely reliant on their teammates for success.

The only person you have to rely upon when playing casino games is yourself, and while classic casino games such as Poker, Blackjack and Roulette require players to master a certain set of skills, we offer many demo play practice rounds to new players to hone these skills. In this way, it’s almost certain that online casinos won’t be left behind in the wake of the storm that is eSports!

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