Understanding the Differences Between Live Dealer and RNG Games

When it comes to online casino games, there are two distinct types. First are those using RNG technology, simply known as online games. Second are live dealer casino games. Both of these categories are equally popular among players, and both have their pros and cons.

So which one is best? In most cases, it’s entirely up to you! This article will outline the basics and differences between them to help you make the ideal choice.

Online casino games from reputable developers all have one thing in common: Random Number Generation. RNG is a kind of computer software that is built into every online casino game, creating an endless string of completely random numbers.

As RNG technology has no artificial intelligence or memory, every game you play online will produce different and unpredictable results. That’s half the fun of casino games to begin with!

Live dealer games work a bit differently. These games are presented by a real life dealer, which means that there is no real technology involved other than the streaming technology that allows you and your dealer to interact.

This means that live dealer games are a lot closer to a real brick and mortar casino experience, which will be great for you if you find the atmosphere lacking in traditional online games.

So what are the differences, really?

  • Online casino games are controlled by RNG, with no human element involved but a guaranteed element of fairness. Live dealer games offer a real live human dealer, which means that you get to socialise and interact while you play.
  • Online casino games are completely private, leaving you in full control of how fast your game plays out and how much time you have to make decisions. In live dealer games, the pace of the game is fixed and set by the dealer, and you’ll be playing in real time. This way, you may have to make faster decisions to keep up with other players, and the game is also more dynamic.

If you love the social aspect of casino gaming, live dealer games allow for interaction and a much more lively atmosphere. You can use strategy in both online and live dealer games, but online games may be more suitable if you’re just beginning to learn strategy, and live dealer games for when you’ve got it down.

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