Twitter Grows Cynical as Covid-19 Spreads

Twitter COVID-19 cynics get louderSource: Pixabay

At River Belle Online Casino, there can be no denying that the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic has thrown the world into a state of chaos. The number of confirmed cases worldwide is rapidly approaching the 1-million mark. Right on cue, Twitter users have taken to their favourite platform to share their outlooks about the situation.

Interestingly, while much of the world remains ever hopeful in the face of the pandemic, Twitter and other social media platforms have gravitated towards the darker and more sardonic side of things. Trending hashtags amid the spread of the virus have been overflowing with memes and jokes about the unconventional and unexpected quirks of living, working and playing in self-isolation.

Under the hashtag #QuarantineandChill, dozens of people have proposed the theory that weeks of being stuck inside with spouses and partners could lead to a wave of new births later in 2020. The hashtag is, of course, a spin-off of ‘Netflix and Chill’, a Millennial euphemism for ‘hooking up’ in the modern age.

Lightheartedness Amid the Chaos

The more introverted contingent of Twitter users has also been posting frequently and coming up with their own creative hashtags. They have also used #QuarantineandChill to let the world know how pleased they are to finally have a good excuse to stay at home and avoid socialising.

At the same time, other users still have taken things to a dark place. The #Coronapocalypse hashtag is being used to spread information about the drastic and concerning measures that some folks have been taking to prepare for their time in isolation. Think panic-buying, strange toilet paper alternatives, and impressive stocks of tinned food and cleaning supplies.

Naturally, international shortages of toilet paper and hand sanitizers have also given rise to a slew of new jokes and punchlines as people try to make light of the growing pandemic. Alas, after a wave of cancelled events, closed businesses and economic crises, the atmosphere on Twitter has become notably more anxious and sardonic.

Twitter makes mockery of CoronavirusSource: Pixabay

Social Media Ambience Takes a Turn

Now, the impacts of those revelations and the virus’s burgeoning death toll has created a distinct shift in the way people approach the subject, even on social media. As the crisis wears on, Twitter users are becoming more restless by the day – and you guessed it, even more hashtags and internet trends have arisen in tandem.

The latest hashtag to emerge from the pandemic clearly shows a growing sense of collective cynicism about the future post Covid-19. Over the past few days, thousands of people have been sharing new and ingenious strategies for surviving the pandemic using the hashtag #MyPandemicSurvivalPlan.

For those lucky people who are able to do so, their plans often involve fleeing civilization entirely and hiding out in remote locations. Others have turned to alcohol to ease their anxieties, while others still have opted for online retail therapy as their coping mechanism of choice.

Staying Sane in a Changing World

For the constantly stressed, survival at this point seems to be hinged on holding on to their last vestiges of sanity while they can. In many ways, Twitter acts as a map of the evolution of the public’s views on the pandemic and on the future we face. Even users who were once light-hearted in spite of the outbreak now seem to be sinking into social media’s growing overtones of existential dread. With that said, however, jokes and memes are still easy to find for those who prefer to look on the bright side of life.

In the interim, some people are still choosing to ignore coronavirus restrictions and warnings altogether. Folks across the globe have been celebrating St Patrick’s Day, attending concerts and protests, and breaking curfew, seemingly without a worry in the world. Unfortunately, this is predicted to lead to an uptick of global infection rates, although scientists are not sure exactly how drastic this trend will be. Luckily, many music artists, entertainers, comedians and the likes have taken their performances online instead, offering valuable human connection and entertainment for those who have chosen to self-isolate and flatten the curve. The world certainly seems to be changing one way or another – and despite this, we can seemingly always rely on Twitter to offer fresh perspectives, no matter what comes next.

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