The Treasures Of Ancient Egypt – Lara Croft®: Temples and Tombs

If you were a teenager in the 1990s, you probably dreamed of following the rapturous Lara Croft in her adventures through to jungle, ancient runes and other mystical places. Since the first Tomb Raider PlayStation game came out in 1996, the powerful archaeologist never ceased to amaze her following, leading to the creation of a large number of franchises, including movies and games. In this online slot game, you will play out her latest adventure, gathering your own real-money treasure on the way. So, are you ready for Lara Croft®: Temples and Tombs?

Navigating Down the Ancient Nile

Imagine yourself sailing down the Nile on an ancient wooden boat. Your archaeological research led you to discover the location of an ancient tomb, which is said to hold treasures you could only dream of.

While you float away, you re-read your journals, in particular the ones with the translations about the temple’s guards, the gods Sobek and Set. Sobek, God of the Nile and fertility, is synonym of life and usually depicted with a crocodile’s head. Set, God of chaos, desert and violence has a long snout and beast-like face.

With them being incredibly powerful deities, you shiver in both fear and excitement at the idea of confronting them. You’re almost at the ancient temple. Grab your explorer’s kit, it’s time to find a treasure!

Microgaming’s latest adventure game

Microgaming and their independent partner Triple Edge Studio have truly created a beautiful game for their monthly release with Lara Croft®: Temples and Tombs. The game, which is set to be released on the 8th of May 2019 follows on Microgaming’s strategy to create a new game every month, a policy they have been succeeding at since they launched in 1996.

Playing the game

So how will Lara Croft share her riches with you? In this new online slot game, you will get to play a 5×3 slot game with 243 Ways-to-Win, Rolling Reels and incredible features. The game has a high volatility rate, which means that you might need to invest a little more to get huge wins. It also has a high Return To Player rate (96,05%).

243 Ways to win

Have you ever been showered in gold? That’s how you’ll feel once you try this amazing 243 Ways-to-Win slot game.

While traditional slot games usually have 5 paylines, new games often increased their number to provide higher chances to win. So every time you take a spin on Lara Croft®: Temples and Tombs, you have 243 possible paylines for your combination to take place.

Lara Croft

Rolling Reels

You might have heard the term Rolling Reels but are unsure of exactly what it means. It’s quite simple actually, but don’t be fooled, simplicity in this case only means frequent wins. In fact, this feature is triggered by having an initial win. Once the computer recognizes it, the symbols disintegrate and new ones appear, giving you the chance to obtain another win and triggering the multiplier feature.


This multiplier feature can be triggered in both the base game and the free spins. This bonus’ property is to increase your prize at each consecutive win. On the base game of Lara Croft®: Temples and Tombs, it will start by multiplying your bet by 2, then 3 and up to 5, filling your coin pouch in a blip.

Free Spins

So what’s even better than multiplying your winnings? Free Spins! This special feature that you hope to obtain every time you play on your favourite online casino is always a hit. Your explorer’s eyes will see it crack every time you get three copies of Lara’s journal on a payline. They will then have 8 Free Spins to strike it rich at no expense.

But Lara’s generosity knows no bounds and if you get consecutive wins on a free spin, a multiplier feature is triggered once again. Only this time, the payouts are massive: they start at 3 times the initial bet, rise to 6, then 9 and finish at 15!


By now, you’re probably thinking that your favourite adventurer should keep a little of that gold to herself. But the archaeologist satisfaction also comes from sharing, which is why obtaining three golden scarabs will unlock the jackpots.

Here, you’ll find 3 different types:

  • The Minor Jackpot that gives a stunning bonus of 15 times your play
  • The Major Jackpot with a breathtaking award of 100 times your wager
  • The Grand Jackpot and a heart-stopping prize of 5,000 times your bet


So are you ready to defy the ancient deity and hit the jackpot? If you’re not already a member of River Belle online casino, what better time to venture yourself then now?

There’s even a CA$800 welcome bonus if you register now. You could even try yourself at a few hands of online blackjack while you wait for Lara to make her latest debut! In any case prepare yourself to embark on an adventure!

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