Top 5 Slot Myths


The world of gambling, both online and offline, is full of superstitions and superstitious players. It’s no wonder actually. The apparent randomness at which both amateurs and experts alike win it big has been baffling people since gambling first began thousands of years ago.

But there are some myths that we just can’t continue to support – especially when it comes to slot machines. These one armed bandits deserve better, so we’re here to stomp out the top five slot myths that players need to stop believing.

1.Loose and Tight Slot Machines

A loose slot machine is one that is said to pay out more often than others because the reels spin more freely. A tight slot machine is one that is said to pay out less often because the reels are tighter. These terms come from the old days and are referring to the ways the reels were set up. Payouts are determined by the results of the random number generator– nothing else!

2.Casinos Pump Extra Oxygen around Slot Banks

This myth centres on casinos adding extra oxygen to the air around slot banks so that players will stay put and spend more at the machines. It is quite illegal to add anything to the air that players breathe in any casino.

3.Slots Hit More Often at Night

This myth states that there are certain times of the day when slots are more likely to hit. It is based on the fact that with casinos change winning percentages at night so that players will see more frequent wins and this will encourage them to play for longer. This is false! Slots play the same no matter what time it is.

4.Warm Coins Mean a Hot Slot

In this myth, a machine that is paying out warm coins is a hot machine, and a hot machine is more likely to hit big and hit often. The reason the coins are warm is a sign of a hopper motor that’s not as efficiently cooling as it should be – nothing more.

5.Aisle Slots Pay More Often

Aisle slots may appear to pay out more, but the fact is that most people would rather sit by one person instead of two. More people playing means the machines appear to pay more often. They don’t!

Now that you’re armed with this myth busting tips, you’re ready to take those slots head on!

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