Top 3 Biggest Casino Heists

Casino heists are a part of popular culture; there is no question about that. As far as justifiable crimes go, robbing a casino simply seems to be the easiest to forgive. After all, a big place like a casino is surely not going to miss a few million here and there, is it? It’s almost like robbing a bank, only somehow even more acceptable. Not that we’re suggesting you rob a casino or anything, it just seems that casinos are the centre of almost every ‘relatable bad guy’ plot in history. Oceans 11, anyone?

In the real world, there have indeed been a number of casino heists, but few of them got the applauding fan base of Oceans 11. And, not surprisingly, few have ever gotten away with it. After all, when you step off the silver screen and into the real world, casinos have got so much security it literally boggles the mind. Robbing Fort Knox might just be a better option. Regardless, let’s have a look at 3 of the most amazing casinos heists in history.

1.Pepper Spray For The Win

We mentioned Oceans 11 for a reason, because our first heist puller openly admitted that the movie was his inspiration. It will astonish few, though, that in real life 11 people were not involved, and the thieves certainly didn’t ride off into the sunset. In the real world, Ronaldo Luda Ramos and just one friend attempted to rob the Soboba Casino in Las Vegas. Ronaldo had been lucky enough to install the casino security system, and so had a pretty good idea of how to avoid it.

The plucky man pepper sprayed a guard, tied him, up and stuffed a whopping $1.5 million dollars into a duffel bug. He had a gun, of course, which he held up two more security guards with, and little did those guards know that the gun fired only metal ball bearings. Ronaldo then ran out to a waiting friend, and the two drove off as millionaires. It was just 3 days later that the two were arrested. Sadly, neither had managed to live a lavish lifestyle in those 3 days.

2.No Happy Endings

Our second thief is a Miss Heather Tallchief. She drove the armoured vehicle that transported the Circus Circus Casino’s cash to the bank, and decided one day that keeping the cash, and skipping the bank, was a better idea. As far as easy robberies go, this is probably about as simple as it gets, and Miss Tallchief sure can be grateful that this was 1993, and GPS systems were not yet a thing. The amount in the armoured vehicle was $1.9 million dollars, and her and her boyfriend intended on living the good life.

Ten years later, in 2003, Heather turned herself in at a police station, confessing the crime and pleading guilty. There was much speculation as to why she decided to do this, and some said that her conscience simply got the better of her. Others say that her boyfriend left her and took the cash with him, leaving her stranded and penniless. Either way, one can’t help but think that $1.9 million dollars didn’t get her very far.

3.A Happy Ending?

When we said real casino robbers don’t get away, we might have been bending the truth a little. But then these guys didn’t technically rob anyone. Three guys in London devised a system in 2004 using their cell phones, which were modified to work like a vehicle speed trap. With the devices they measured a roulette wheel’s speed, the white ball’s speed, and the likelihood of certain numbers coming up on the wheel. This information was combined with a home made betting strategy system. It worked.

The men won an astonishing $1.9 million dollars, and never hurt a security guard or aimed a gun at anyone. They were arrested, however, but it turned out that there is no law against any part of their scheme. They were all released and walked away free men, with the $1.9 million split between them. In this case we can’t help but think that the men were not thieves at all, in the strictest sense of the word, but rather gutsy individuals who saw a chance and took it. Now if we can just figure out how to download the app that let them do that, we’ll be heading over to the nearest casino.

Special Mention

All kidding aside, our special mention goes to a man who walked out of a casino with $500,000, and was never caught. The most amazing thing is that the man, Brett Brennan, likewise did not lift a finger or hurt anyone. He was a cashier at the Stardust Casino, and simply put the money in a backpack and walked out, without a single person trying to stop him. He has not been seen or heard from in 20 years. We tip our hats, Brett Brennan – that took some serious guts.

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