Top 10 Mobile Gambling Facts

Top 10 Mobile Gambling Facts

1. Antidote To Mental Illness

It’s official: playing gambling games on your mobile device may very well prevent illnesses such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  Games ensure that the mental muscles stay busy and moving, never allowing them to lie down and relax too much.  Games have long been known to keep the brain young and healthy, and the mobile gambling arena has ensured that gaming activities are available 24/7.

2. The Power Of Positivity

Surveys have shown that those players who are fond of indulging in mobile gambling games are generally happier than those who do not game at all.  They are positive and tend to look on the bright side more often than not – again, most probably thanks to the constant mental stimulation coupled with the happy feelings of winning.

3. 37% Of All iPhone Users Play Games On Their Phones Every Day

iPhone users are ahead of the pack when it comes to playing mobile casino games.  They make up the bulk of the nearly 165 million players accessing games from their mobile phones.  This was the official number released for the year 2015 – by 2020 this number is expected to be more to the tune of 215 million users.

4. 74% Of All Social Casino Players Access The Games From Their Mobile Devices

With Facebook being at the heart of social casinos, and most patrons accessing Facebook from their mobile devices, it stands to reason that a huge chunk of the social casino market belongs to mobile users.

5. 80% Of All App Store Purchases Are Games

This is quite an astounding one, given the wide selection of Apps available to mobile users.  The first real money Poker App was released in 2006 – giving rise to an explosion of other gambling Apps the likes of which the online world has not seen before.

Mobile gambling gaming Apps certainly have come a long way – when considering that the very first mobile game came pre-installed on a mobile phone called the Hagenuk MT-2000, in 1994.  The game?  Tetris, of course.

6. 2012 A Year For Firsts

2012 saw the very first Mobile Game of the Year award being handed out.  This indicated a significant shift in the way that we think about games and where they feature in the greater scheme of things.

7. Mobile Gambling Searches

2012 also saw a very interesting survey being launched – one that sought to determine the exact percentage (or at least, as close as possible to the true percentage) of searches driven by mobile gambling game key words.  The total tally came to 25%.  That’s a quarter of all searches dedicated to mobile gaming.

8. The Swipe Accuracy

People tend to fare better at swiping than tapping, when indulging in their favourite mobile gambling games.  A person naturally feels more in control when swiping – a result of the feeling created by moving the finger in a more definite trajectory.

9. Latin America Traffic Issues

Marketing agents wanting to get their products (Apps) out there will never be heard complaining about the traffic created by large and constant downloads.  Except for Latin Americans.  Anything exceeding 1MB in size constitutes a traffic jam.

10. Nearly 50% Of Mobile Players are 50+

Enough said! For a generation resistant to change this is proof enough as to why mobile is tops.

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