Thunderstruck II Online Slots

It might seem like the days of ancient gods and extraordinary feats of unimaginable human heroism are just a thing of legend. The fact is, in the grand scheme of things, the eight hundred years that have passed since these Icelandic legends were first recorded on paper is barely a blip on the radar of the timeline that contains the history of the planet that we all inhabit.

Thunderstruck II by Microgaming is a slot based around Norse Mythology. The Norse were a group of North Germanic people whose Norse paganism made up most of this mythology in the form of an oral tradition. It wasn’t until the thirteen hundreds that it was even written down. All the various gods, heroes and beings that make up this mythology come from this oral tradition but are also seen in various manuscripts, traditions and archaeological finding that can be found today.

And just like the recent incorporation of these elements into popular culture through film, it has also seen a revival in the online casino industry through the proliferation of epic hammer-wielding heroes such as those in Thunderstruck II.

Ice and Steel

This five reel slot from Microgaming offers the player two hundred and forty three ways to win with bonus game and free spins, but one of the most attractive things about this slot to us was the graphics and the subject matter!

The art style in Thunderstruck II is a comic book style with ultra-crisp lines, vivid colours and striking characters. The reels themselves are surrounded by a mix of woven steel and stone which fit the theme of this slot perfectly. The rough, icy blue and black background is a simple yet powerful contrast to the bright colours of the various gods and characters that serve as symbols.

The mythological Norse characters that make up the symbols in Thunderstruck II include Loki, Thor, Odin and a Valkyrie. In legends, Loki was both an assistant and trickster to the gods. He was a shape shifter and could take many forms although he appears in a more familiar human form in this slot. Thor was the protector of humanity and well known for his powerful hammer which he used to strike down anything that stood in his way. Odin, the most prolifically mentioned god in Norse mythology, had a long beard and a powerful spear but is mostly interested in growing his knowledge about the world.

Hall of Spins

There are plenty of features that a player can utilise on this slot for a chance to win big. The first of these features is the wild. Represented by the Thunderstruck II logo, the wild in this game can be substituted for any symbol that would help create a winning combination.

The only time that this symbol does not serve as a wild is when one of the bonus features is activated. This bonus feature, called the Wildstorm Feature, is activated at random while the player is spinning the reels. This feature will turn certain reels completely wild. This can lead to big wins for the player as it can be from one reel to all of the reels.

The Hall of Spins is another bonus feature and is activated by landing three or more of Thor’s Hammer symbols. This free spins feature is one of the keys to unlocking big wins in Thunderstruck II, so keep an eye out for the hammer. Remember that more bonuses you unlock, the bigger the bonus multiplier gets, so keep spinning!

Are you ready to step back into a time where the Norse gods ruled with magic and steel? You adventure awaits!

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