The Strangest Casino Customs in the World

Players from around the world visit casinos with one goal in mind, to play and win money. The same could be said of playing online casino games at River Belle, but online playing tends to have less customs and basic etiquette for players to follow unless they may be playing live dealer games.

Many of the rules and customs of casinos follow suit across the board, as they are basic notions of good manners and etiquette in many cultures. These include hygiene, bragging or talking to other players, talking on mobile phones, not knowing how to play the game or asking the dealer too many unnecessary questions, knowing the betting limits and not becoming emotionally charged on wins or losses.

Any differences to these may be simply that the culture of the specific country the casino is located is very different to what many may know.

When faced with a different culture it is customary to follow suit regardless, as the old saying goes “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. This may prevent you from being removed from a casino for what they may consider to be unruly behaviour.

Tipping Point

Tipping is a casino custom that is expected, accepted or frowned upon. It is a huge part of American culture and is expected at all casinos. Tipping is also accepted in Macau but most of Europe does not expect it except in Monaco and England. In fact Barcelona is one such place that frowns upon tipping dealers.

Dress for Success

Dress code should be known before entering a casino. Even though Las Vegas tends to allow casual attire, there are many countries around the world that expect players to adhere to strict dress codes. In Monaco the Grand Casino expects its players to be appropriately dressed at all times and has a long list of unaccepted attire.

Take a Bow

There are also rules and customs in many casinos, in various parts of the world, which are not globally recognised. For instance in Singapore it is customary to bow to the dealer before taking a seat at a table and many tables do not allow women to sit at them. It is also frowned upon to talk to other players at the table.

Kiss and Tell

Public displays of affection are prohibited in Sri Lanka but not in any casinos. Lovers are allowed to kiss and hug in casinos and nightclubs, making them hotspots for amorous sweethearts as well as avid players!

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