Why Getting Enough Sleep Is A Game Changer

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As we all know, sleep is for the weak. Tough people can get by, no problem, on just a few hours, allowing them to have more hours in the day, and thus be more productive. Right?

No. Wrong! The smart among us know that getting enough sleep is not just important, it is perhaps the most important aspect of your health. Not only does it rejuvenate body and mind leaving you fresh and clear headed to play at your favourite online casino, but it also drastically improves your overall mood. After all, the first thing you ask a person that snaps at you is if they’ve had enough sleep.

But, if the above hadn’t already made clear to you just how important sleep is, get ready to have your brain exploded. It turns out that, according to research done at the University of Manchester, sleep could even hold the key to eternal youth.

Sleep Reverses Ageing

Now, don’t get too excited, because the details are largely sketchy, but yes; sleep does, technically speaking, turn back the clock on the effects of ageing. Those smart people with lab coats at Manchester University did some serious pondering over lab mice, studying how sleep impacted the rodent’s cell structure. It turns out that, if having had enough sleep, the mice maintained their cell structure more soundly.

To put it another way; aging is the process of cell structures deteriorating over time. It is just what happens to biological organisms. So, the fact that those structures are improved by sleep translates to beating the clock. Yes, saying it this way is far less dramatic than saying ‘the key to the fountain of youth,’ but the two explanations do more or less amount to the same thing. If you want to be generous.

Though, if you’re ready to start justifying sleeping in by claiming that it extends your life, you’re welcome to do so.

Science of a good night’s sleepSource: Unsplash

Unlocking The Secrets

Author of the study, Professor Karl Kadler, shed more light on the research. He explained that further research into the observation may result in some extremely important discoveries, with understanding the aging process being just a part of it. He mentioned that getting a better understanding of the healing process was also a potential by-product.

In more detail, the study revealed that the human cellular structure is made of two distinct types of fibrils. Fibrils are, in non-textbook terms, rope like collections of collagen that form tissue. Most of these bundles are more or less done growing by the time we turn 17, and stay with us until the day we die.

But the thinner, more fragile fibrils tend to break on a regular basis, simply as a result of exerting the body. These thinner structures need to be replaced. The key is, of course, that the thinner collagen is replaced at one very specific moment in our natural cycle; while we sleep.

Sleep Well, Rebuild Your Body

It need not be said that missing out on sleep means that these cellular structures are never given the chance to rebuild. Hence; missing sleep will, literally, result in a body that is worn out, and in desperate need of a repair cycle.

On the flipside, allowing the repair cycle to happen longer and more frequently ensures that the body is always at peak operating potential. Denying the repair cycle is nothing short of self-sabotage, and anyone that tells you they can get by just fine on minimal sleep clearly isn’t aware of this. It is the equivalent of refusing to change the worn-out tyres on your car, and insisting that it still handles just fine.

Professor Kadler concluded his study by making a clear observation. The human body is abundant in the resources needed to keep the body operational, namely collagen, and the proteins it provides to the connective tissues. But these boundless resources are useless if a person never gives them the chance to be put into action. In other words; sleep is not just about feeling rested, it is about allowing a natural cycle to play out in the way it was designed to, from the ground up. Now isn’t that a great reason for a nap?

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