The Origins Of Video Slots

Anyone who plays online will be more than familiar with video slots, and these great games are available in their hundreds at River Belle. Proven to be the worlds most popular casino game, video slots pip all other forms of wagering entertainment to the post and remain a player favourite. But where did these games come from, and what are their origins?

Dating back to the days that the one armed bandit was still in production in the late 1800s, slot machines have been popular games of chance all over Europe and America. The great grandfather of the video slot, the original mechanical slot machine was built using weighted reels and a handle to get them rolling. Human nature is never to let a good thing miss out on an opportunity to be great, and as the world moved into the technological age, slot machines were given special attention.

As we moved into the age of easily accessible electricity it became possible for slot machines to be built around less base mechanical principles. In 1964 the very first electro-mechanical slot, Money Honey, was released, setting the stage for the future of digital gaming.

Just like in all other areas of technology, new inventions sped up pretty quickly in the following years. And this brings us to the very first video slot. In 1975, Walt Fraley invented Future Coin, the very first slot in history to have no physical reels. Players were very suspicious of the game at first, as the solid reels that can be seen and touched seemed much more trustworthy than a video screen with the image of a reel.

Players adjusted quickly though, and once manufacturers introduced multiple paylines and the games became more wide spread, the benefits of the more advanced and much more exciting looking games were fast recognised.

Once over the hurdle of players parting with a physical reel it wasn’t long before the video slot transformed into the online slot, and the Internet gaming industry was born. Video slots have certainly not reached the end of their lifetime yet. They were almost a century in the making and they don’t look to be going anywhere soon.

There are hundreds of these incredible games online, with themes that cover every genre. Boasting innovative bonus features, immersive storylines and state of the art graphics and animations, video slots just keep getting bigger, brighter and bolder.

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