The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Baby News

Prince Harry and Meghan MarkleSource: Northern Ireland Office

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was born in May and much of the world’s press went into overdrive to bring as much coverage of the event as possible. Following his birth, the young royal immediately became seventh in line to the British crown, after his grandfather Prince Charles, his uncle, Prince William, his three cousins and his father. As such, the royal baby is never likely to ascend to the top job in the British royal family. What does the arrival of Baby Sussex, as much of the pressed nicknamed him, mean for the future of the monarchy in the UK?

Baby Sussex – What We Know So Far

Although he was not named immediately by his parents, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor came into the world at 5:26 am in the early morning of 6th May 2019 following a labour that had been, ‘a bit overdue’ according to his father. Despite widespread speculation that the baby was born at the same London hospital as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children were, some believe that the latest royal baby was born at the home of his parents, Frogmore Cottage, situated in Home Park, close to Windsor.

The baby is the first offspring of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, a couple who met in 2016, announcing their engagement just over a year later in November 2017. The pair wed at Saint George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on 19th May 2018. It was not long afterwards that press speculation began over whether the Duchess was pregnant or not. Although the prospect of any royal baby is of interest to the British press as well as many broadcasters across the western world, there was a particular focus on the prospect of the Duke and Duchess having a baby because of the Duchesses’ background. Any baby born to the couple would be the first Anglo-American one in the history of the royal family and it would also mark the first time a mixed-race infant had been produced by royals.

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The Naming of the Baby

Although it is hard to read into what is meant by any baby’s name, when it comes to a royal one, there are some significant things in play. Firstly, the press was not given the baby’s name immediately after the announcement of his birth which is an unusual step for royalty. Perhaps, as some have speculated, this is because the Duke and Duchess were in conversation with other senior royals about what titles the infant should take on?

As it turned out, the baby was named Archie, a name that is usually a shortened form of Archibald. Although Prince Harry is happy to use the familiar form of his name, his official name is Henry, so this marks a difference. Some have seen the use of a shorter name as an indication of the baby’s parents’ desire for informality. Equally, Archie Mountbatten-Windsor will be given the title of Master, something that puts him in the same category of every other baby boy born in the UK.

As Prince Harry is the second son of the heir apparent to the throne, no offspring of his would have the automatic right to be styled as a Royal Highness, nor use HRH before his or her name. That said, there was an expectation among many royal watchers that Archie would take on a courtesy or honorary title instead, such as the Earl of Dumbarton, a title his father also holds.

An Ordinary Life?

Although the baby still has plenty of time to make his own mark on life, many people believe that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have plans to keep Archie’s life as private as possible. Unlike his first cousin, Prince George, he has no titles and will not necessarily take on a public role in his adult life. Does this mean that the baby will be able to grow up as a commoner? If so, then his parents will have certainly pulled off quite a feat given their high profiles as senior royals and – in Meghan’s case, at least – as a well-known actor.

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