Incredible Balloon Machine Slot Coming Soon!

The Incredible Balloon MachineSource: Microgaming

As part of their recent deal with Microgaming, Crazy Tooth Studio is set to launch a brand-new online slot called The Incredible Balloon Machine™ on the 28th of January 2020. This innovative new release is guaranteed to turn even ardent online Blackjack fans into slots devotees!

Think of The Incredible Balloon Machine™ as a minimalist dream of what slots could be. There are no paylines, reels, or rows, just a Balloon Machine at the centre of a cloud-spattered background with a bronze lattice framework. Instead of spinning reels you’ll be activating the machine and blowing up balloons 1 at a time using the innovative WiNCREASE™ system costing between 0.2 and 40 each time. You’ll hold the Spin button down rather than press it to begin, and you’ll see a needle beneath the balloon that starts moving around a coloured meter. When the needle enters the yellow zone your bet will be placed and a credit amount will be displayed on the balloon as it starts increasing. The longer you hold that Spin button down the higher your prize will go, from 5% to 7 303%!

But there’s a catch! Balloons pop randomly, and you need to hit Collect before this happens to bank the prize. They can even pop before the wager activates in the yellow zone, so you’ll be hard-pressed to find a strategy that works. And that’s half the fun!

A solid 96.75% RTP rate makes this whirlwind of a game one of medium volatility and the Hit Rate is 41.08%.

The Incredible Balloon MachineSource: Microgaming

Fabulous Features Abound

Crazy Tooth Studio has seen fit to pack The Incredible Balloon Machine™ with some really great features, including the Multiplier, Pick Bonus, and WiNCREASE™ system.

The Multiplier feature is randomly triggered and can increase your bet by as much as 10X. The Pick Bonus offers you up to 8 rounds of gameplay along with a Multiplier of 2X. You’ll be choosing balloons on-screen 1-at-a-time which will either display the 2X Multiplier, an Advance icon which moves things forward to the next round, or a Complete symbol. This last icon will end the feature.

The WiNCREASE™ feature is available in the base game, and is activated when you hold the Spin button down to inflate a balloon. Once your bet is active, credits will appear and start increasing until the balloon pops.

Who is Crazy Tooth Studio?

Crazy Tooth Studio was established in 2011 and is based in Nevada in the USA. They use their own game development framework, CTS Arsenal, to design, produce, and release their titles as quickly as possible. They believe that the flexibility this software provides, and the fact that it is completely unique, allows them to create original new games like The Incredible Balloon Machine™, and Microgaming agrees. They became part of the provider’s stable of independent game developers this year.

The Incredible Balloon MachineSource: Microgaming

It’s All Happening at River Belle Casino

The Incredible Balloon Machine™ is a slot that seems destined for greatness, so it makes sense that it should join the River Belle Online Casino’s catalogue of over 400 titles from Microgaming and its partner creators. There’s a maximum credit win of 123 280 possible if the maximum bet is in place when you’re rewarded by Lady Luck, but this drops down to 6 164 credits if the default wager is active, so remember to pay attention and trust your gut.

The default coin size for The Incredible Balloon Machine™ is 0.01 and you can bet up to 4 000 if you want to. The default number of coins that will be wagered is 200, and the default bet is 2.

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