Superstitions in Casinos

A lot of casino games involve a lot of different skills, from strategic betting to deciding what move to make with the cards you were dealt. For some real advice on all your favourite games you could do a lot worse than checking out the specific game pages at River Belle, but there is also an element of luck in a lot of games.

Since luck does play a part in so many casino entertainments it makes sense that such a mythology has grown up around it in casinos across the world. Luck and fate are given more power than they actually have, and a whole range of superstitions and beliefs around what influences the game are in play. From China to Sin City itself, gamblers use a whole lot of tricks to court Lady Luck on the tables and the Slot and Video Poker machines.

Colour Theory

A lot of players believe that the colour or colours that they wear or don’t wear have an impact on how well they do. This can be specific to a single individual, or spread over a whole group. Chinese gamblers, for example, often believe that wearing red is especially lucky – particularly if the red item is their underpants!

The cases of one player thinking a colour brings good fortune and someone else thinking it is unlucky is a great example of how personal superstitions can be, and how often they are based on personal experiences and anecdotes.

Clothes Maketh the Winner

Aside from the colour of their clothes, players often have a lucky article of clothing that they feel helps them to win at whatever they are playing. You’ll often hear a winner attributing their payout to their lucky shoes or shirt, for example.

On the other hand, sometimes not wearing something is just as important. Not wearing socks to a Roulette table is a common occurrence in Las Vegas!

Lucky Numbers

Considering specific numbers to be lucky or unlucky is seen in different cultures and situations around the world, casinos included. These beliefs are even more random than lucky colours are; most players in Vegas will tell you that 7 is lucky and 13 is unlucky, while for Italian players 13 is the best number and 17 is the worst! Russians believe that all even numbers are bad news, and the luckiest number for a Spanish player is 15.

Another numbers-based belief in Las Vegas is that it is bad luck to use a $50 note to pay for chips or settle gambling debts. This might go back to the fact that in America old $50 and $5 notes looked very similar and it was easy to get short-changed.

Knowing When to Stop

A major Las Vegas superstition is that winners know when to stop – but this isn’t after a big payout. The idea that it’s better luck for you to play and lose a little of your take might be legitimate advice to ensure that you don’t quit until you’ve maximised your wins, or it may be propaganda that losing Poker players devised to keep their tablemates playing. Either way, many players swear by this pearl of wisdom.

Superstitions Online

You can try any commonly-held gambling belief at home when you play online, and there are many more to discover. You can even pray to the gambling gods or engage in some of the many other Chinese gambling beliefs, and you might find a few of your own such as making your online payments in a certain way.

Just remember to check out some real advice too!

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