Strange Casino Superstitions Of Famous Players

It’s not uncommon for players to employ certain superstitions in the hope that it will make the chips fall in their favour.  In fact, superstition in gambling is a familiar sight and casino staff bear witness to habits that are often a great deal stranger than fiction.  Weird beliefs and irrational rituals often take centre stage to the most colourful gambling success stories, which makes you think that there has to be merit behind the belief in superstitions yet.

Believing The Extraordinary

World Series of Poker winner Ryan Riess has a very interesting lucky amulet indeed: his over-inflated ego.  Riess reports that the secret to his immense Poker success is that he truly believes himself to be the best Poker player that the world has ever seen.  Where it all started, Riess cannot say for sure, but one thing is for certain; it works for Riess.

Johny Chan And His Lucky Orange

Johny Chan doesn’t even approach a Poker table without his lucky orange.  It all started back in the days when smoking was still permitted at public Poker tables.  Chan used to bring his orange along to the games in order to serve as an air freshener.  Now that the rules regarding smoking in public have changed, Chan still brings along his orange – which has since become his lucky orange.

Hal Kant’s Secret

Hal Kant was a prolific Poker player and incidentally also the famous attorney who represented the music band, the Greatful Dead, for almost thirty years of his professional career.  Hal Kant believed that it wasn’t wise to count casino chips whilst playing.  He very rarely even looked in the direction of his chips.

Mike Sexton And The Art Of Looking Away

Another famous Poker player and author of multiple books about the art of winning at Poker, Mike Sexton, avoids looking at this opponents during a game of Poker.  Whether this has anything to do with trying to hide his own poker face is anyone’s guess, but you won’t find Sexton glancing this way or that when playing.

There are many other weird and wacky superstitions that have graced the halls of casinos over the years.  They may be weird and wonderful and even strange to some, but to those who believe in their powers, they are indispensable.

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