Why Slots are Blackjack’s Opposite

People often come across casino articles about how Blackjack offers the lowest house edge at the casino. While it may be true that blackjack does offer lower odds, especially when you play the perfect strategy, one should not discount the advantages of playing slots.

The two games can be seen as perfect opposites, but that doesn’t mean slots are bad. Yes, slots have a higher house edge, but they also have plenty of advantages that blackjack simply does not. We take a look at a few ways that slots and blackjack offer opposite advantages.

Game Variety

One of the major differences between Blackjack and Slots is the game variety. Blackjack is pretty much the same game at every casino. There may be a handful of variations, but essentially, the game is the same no matter where you play. On the other hand, slots offer lots of different types of games in every shape and form. From classic 3-reel Vegas-style slots to modern video slots, progressive slots to 3D slots and more, the number of games is truly staggering. Slots are also themed based which means that you can find just about any game to suit your mood. There are literally hundreds of different games out there with everything from fishing themes to ancient Egypt, Greek mythology to films and music.

Minimum Bets

If you walk into a casino and sit down at the blackjack table, chances are your minimum bet is going to be much higher than anything you can find on a slot machine. Unlike blackjack where the betting range is rather narrow, land-based and online slot machines offer an incredible range of betting where players can set the number of coins per line, the coin value and the number of lines played per spin. All this means that you can custom design your evening for extended play time or go big for a chance of winning more.


One of the biggest differences between slots and blackjack is in the way the games are played and the strategy needed to win. With blackjack, every hand you are dealt requires a decision to stand or hit. There are also times when it is pertinent to surrender, double down or split your hand. If you want to stand any chance of making money at the blackjack table, you need to have memorised the perfect blackjack strategy in order to maximise your chances of winning. On the other hand, slots require little to no strategy at all. Once you have decided how many lines you want to play and how much you want to bet per line, all that is left to do is hit the spin button and hope for the best.

Beating the House

Many players who sit down at the blackjack table are under the illusion that they can beat the house. While some players can actually achieve this feat by counting cards, the rest of us have to face the fact that the house always wins one way or another. Blackjack is no exception. If the game didn’t make money, it would not be in a casino. On the other hand, slots players are under no illusion that they are going to beat the house. Slots are programmed to payout out on a regular basis and keep back a small percentage. Over a short-term period, you could be lucky and hit a big winner, but over the long run, you are feeding the house.


When you play blackjack online or at a land-based casino, the most you can win on a hand is one and a half times your bet. The maximum payout is awarded when you get blackjack and you are paid out 3:2. If you double down, or split your hand, you have the opportunity of winning two times this amount which still pales in comparison to how much you can win on slots. With slot games, you can win thousands off just as single spin. Most slot games have a set jackpot of 10 000 coins or more while progressive slots can range in the millions.

Speed of Play

In land based and live online casinos, the pace of a blackjack game is determined by the dealer and the other players around the table. You can only play as fast as the dealer can deal. Each round is only complete when all the other players have made their betting decision. Most of the time, you are at the mercy of the speed of the table itself. Slot machines on the other hand, give you full control over your game play.

If you want to extend your time at the casino, you can select your win lines and coin denomination after each round and take your time between spins. If you want to increase the speed of play, you can hit the spin button as fast as you want. Some online slots offer an (expert) mode where you can set the machine to play a set amount of spins without having to do anything.

The differences between these 2 games are clear, but they are both highly enjoyable and offer something special for everyone to enjoy!

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