Sitter or Kennel?

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A holiday or holidaying should be mandatory. It should be written into the employee contract: failure to go on vacation will result in the termination of services rendered. It’s incredibly important that one take a break from it all. Failure to do so can lead to imploding. It’s great that we have our weekends and I don’t think there’s a person alive who doesn’t appreciate his or her weekend, but the fact of the matter is that 2 days off is simply not enough. Heck, it’s not even fair! Listen to those odds: 5 on, 2 off.

So, if you’re a functioning member of society, and by this I mean that you get up at 6AM, you fight traffic, you bust your hump on the job, you fight traffic and then you go home, then you simply must take a holiday. There is so much to be said for going away and even for doing nothing, because believe it or not, sometimes especially in today’s rat-race, that’s what’s needed. But here’s the thing, what about Fido? You’re covered for everything else; your other half is coming along, you’ve packed in key essentials and you’ve got your smartphone with your favourite mobile casino games on it for that downtime from the downtime. But Rusty, he can’t come along and now you’re faced with a decision: sitter or kennel?

The Case for the Kennel

On paper, the kennel seems like a godsend for anyone looking to get away for a while. It provides an environment and services that will ensure your dog is comfortable, fed and allowed to socialise. That’s the kennel service in a nutshell but like any competitive industry of business, there are options and from what I can tell, you can literally check Woofles or Mr Bigglesworth into a 5 star spa if you’ve got the money. Differentiating one kennel from the next are the actual living quarters and the service provided by the staff, that would really account for what it all comes down to. All pets need to have their vaccinations in order and there are varying packages to select. The kennels will also see to Edmond’s dietary needs if there are specific requirements. Exercise, usually in a large play-pen of sorts, along with socialising all gets seen to. If you’re going to spend some serious cash then you can check Tibbs into a dog hotel and day-care centre where salon and spa options are available, as well as really familiar creature comforts like a bed or couch.

The Case for the Sitter

To me the kennel sounds like a pretty decent setup, but I don’t know if it can beat a sitter. After all, what better way is there for your dog or cat to be as comfortable as possible while you’re away? A sitter, usually someone you know like a close personal friend or someone who actually specialises in looking after pets, means that Rocky won’t have to leave his home. I’ve had pets in the past and I can tell you, it’s a very traumatising experience to uproot them and take them somewhere else. There’s an adjustment period that has to be endured and let’s not forget about the transport procedure. If Tiger doesn’t like being carted around in a pet carrier, he’s going to meow all the way there and he’s not going to adjust easily. Let’s not forget that you’re in essence leaving your pet with total strangers, and this is the brass tacks of it all, and why a sitter is quite often the preferred means to making sure that Missy and Max are fed, walked and given the type of comfort that most closely resembles that of your own.

To Conclude

I’m going to side with the sitter. I’m not against kennels and I’m sure they provide a good service, but the idea of leaving my beloved pet in the hands of strangers doesn’t sit well with me. Plus, and this is the big one, there are diseases that your pet can pick up in kennels, namely kennel cough and parvo. Then there’s the fact that dogs have died at kennel establishments. Google it and you’ll find that there have been cases of people losing their pets in circumstances that seem nothing short of suspicious. I’ll even go as far as to say that a friend of mine’s brother lost his beloved Staffordshire terrier while it was in the care of a kennel and it was a hell of a thing. I’m not here to paint the entire kennel industry with one brush, but I think it’s important to check these places out before making a commitment, and if needs be to spend more money by leaving the pooch or the kitty at a more upmarket establishment.


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